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#1. I'm re-reading a bunch of fairy tales (Grimm's of course) for a writing project I'm working on, and came across the following passage: "Little worm," cried [the Giant], "why are you playing with my balls? Who gave you strength to do it?" The king's son looked up...

Ahahahaha! I'm a perv. I can't help it.

#2. Dear people who dl torrents, hit 100%, and then LOG OFF: the fourteen of us hanging at 84.5% since Saturday are not amused. SEED, people. It's not hard.

#3. I just found the most PERFECT gift for Em's upcoming birthday, and I'm so excited for her upcoming fifth b-day, yay! (Snowglobe, with Belle from Beauty and the Beast, two of her favorite things.)

#4. It's not special when ALL OF Y'ALL are getting triple digits. Now we Texans have to have quadruple digits or something for "we can take the heat" bragging rights. Heh. Bless y'all's little burnin' up hearts.

#5. Those of you needing hugs and good wishes today, my brain and heart parts are filled with them for you.
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