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Okay, that's a lousy subject header. But! Today is a glorious day for my fellow Texan AND Leo, st_salieri! I hope that YOU have a better day! Incidentally, she wrote a fic that had me squirming in a GOOD way (and it was her first slash fic, too!) It's Starting From Nowhere. Between her and entrenous88, they're getting me interested in Xander/Riley, and I don't READ them. Except when they write it, apparently... Oh, speaking of recs, EntreNous wrote a HILARIOUS and "Feels Like An Episode" fic Cherry Boys. SERIOUSLY. It's a Spander fic for non-spanderers, like me. Or for hard-core Spanderers. Or people who like funny and well-written fic. Read and feed, people! st_salieri? Have a FANTASTIC day today!

Now. Who watches "Project Runway?" So Keith was KICKED OFF. Keith, who was the most talented of all, and the biggest asshole. WAIT - was he the most talented? How do we know he didn't really use his PATTERN BOOKS to help make his creations so impeccable? For those who don't sew (and I used to have my own sewing business) that's like taking Strunk & White to the SATs. The point is to see if YOU have the knowledge, not using a crutch.

A pattern book is TOTALLY an unfair advantage. If you're going to make a pair of extremely fitted trousers (like he did), a pattern book will show you the fastest and most efficient way to put in darts, how to make a Hollywood-waistband - like their trousers did - the zipper... GOD zippers suck. Not to mention collars, armholes.. Yes, you can lay muslin (like they do - that white flimsy material? They're making their own patterns) on a form and pin and mark and cut and pin and ... But if you have a book that gives you shortcuts, estimates, etc., you have the advantage of not wasting time, of not wasting material, and getting a MUCH smoother finish. (Think of Bradly and his diaper-bagged trouser seat.)

And I have to say, I can totally see who knows how to sew and who doesn't. Those machines are PRECISION machines - and there have been some SLOPPY hems. Yes, they're pressed for time. But if the bottom isn't finished right (or if the designer doesn't know how to make a handkerchief hem/invisible hem on a dress that's more or less gauze, it hangs wonky. I'm totally down with Kayne - the boy can SEW, sequin loving aside, Uli - my lord, she makes ethereal clothes! - and Michael, because he LOVES how women are shaped, and makes sexy clothes. Plus, he has NO training, and I love a guy from out of nowhere story. I like Alison, too, but I can't tell about her overall skill as a seamstress. Yes, I'm a nerd. I do like how she has a very clear style and vision, but it all is coming off the same to me. Black, white, asymmetrical hems, random pieces to give it a ragged look. Can she do anything ELSE?

And Heidi is totally bugging me with her dramatic pout approach to "hosting." But whatever. She's a pretty hangar.

And I overslept today, which means it'll be too hot to exercise this morning, which means I'll not wake up properly, and I'm already feeling grumpy and weird, like I forgot to put pants on. *checks* And I've done that before. Walked out the door without PANTS on. I never claimed to be the smartest person, people. (Alright, I was 8. Still.) I can't sleep at night - stayed up watching War of the Worlds and I don't care that he's insane (and he is) Tom Cruise was fantastic in that movie, and I don't wanna hear it. He's a good actor. He's just batshit insane in real life. So I can't sleep, my house feels dirty to me, but I have ZERO motivation to clean it, Mr. S gets home tonight, and we're planning a big weekend, and I just want him HOME and I want a maid or housekeeper, and I want to sleeeeeeeeep.

Which means I'll have to mop (again! I mopped yesterday! What are those kids DOING in my kitchen???) today, and scrub bathrooms and vacuum and... BAH. All of which REALLY means I'll be playing Mahjongg late into the day and scrambling to clean house when Mr. S is driving back from the airport like a naughty kid. I'm so lame. (I bet you think this song is about you?)
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