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Ooooh, today is going to be a GOOD day!

Today is Tax Free Day in Texas - getting the kids' school clothes/supplies and saving 9%, plus, most stores encourage shopping by having additional savings, so WOOT! I usually come out ahead by 15 - 20%, which is nothing to sneer at. So quit sneering, who do you think you are: Snape? HA! SCHOOL SUPPLIES! Oh, man, I love buying school supplies. I want to pull out my label maker and start putting names on everything, which gets me into organization mode, which means some order will come back to my life, YAY SCHOOL!! (Yes, I realize school starts too damn early in Texas. It will change next year to the week after Labor Day, which seems more normal.)

AND: since everyone will most likely be out shopping, and I scoped out everything I wanted early, so it's just a matter of zipping in, buying, and heading back, no one will be at the pool, so we're planning an afternoon there, JOY!

[eta!] All of this savings is helping me to get a leg up on the pile!

AND: if my teenager on the block is in need of cash (and I bet she is) we're going to get her to watch the kiddoes so we can go see TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE LEGEND OF RICKY BOBBY, and I would like to take a few minutes to tell you WHY you should see this movie:

  • It's getting great reviews, comparing it to the greatness of Anchorman, maybe even BETTER.

  • It has Sasha Baron Cohen as a gay Formula1 race car driver from France, and he's married to Andy Richter

  • It has Gary Coleman (yeeeah. We're gonna need you to come in on Saturday.) and he apparently steals the show

  • It has WILL FERRELL, and I love him, and he's good friends with Jon Stewart, who loves him back, and are you saying there's something wrong with Jon Stewart's judgment?

  • Jon Stewart and Will Ferrell have a BABY TOGETHER.

  • What on earth do you have against laughing? And if you DON'T LIKE LAUGHING, why on EARTH are you hanging around this place? We encourage that sort of thing here.

Shake - n - Bake, people. If you ain't first, you're last. And all of the product placement jokes in this movie are CRACKING ME UP. (Be sure to stay for the closing credits - there's some outtakes that were improv-ed that had me rolling when I read about them. Discussions on a) how to properly address Jesus at a prayer: baby? Or grown Jesus? b) more product placements at meal time and c) John C. Riley waxing philosophical and rednecked about said topics.

God, I love a good satire and parody.

AND: it's tinpanalley's birthday, and I hope it's FABULOUS.

AND: this makes me love the band OK Go even more: this video is AWESOME! Who doesn't love nerdy/pop guys with DANCE ROUTINES??

AND: I'm baking a Red Velvet cake (Jess: she saw a picture in my cookbook and changed her mind, so yay easier!) and I get to have some tomorrow (even though I have to be with my MIL - who is getting more and more childlike and passive-aggressive as the time flies) but my folks will be there and we're celebrating Em's birthday early so her Daddy can be there (he's traveling during the week) so YAY WEEKEND, TOO!!

HAVE A GREAT DAY!! *spazzes and gears up for shopping!!*
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