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OH EM GEE!!!!!

Okay, so I open the entertainment section of my local paper and find a picture of my NEIGHBORS, who will be on SHOWTIME next week. Why you ask?

BECAUSE SHE FAKES HER ORGASMS AND HE DOESN'T SATISFY HER, and it's a sexual therapy program and DEAR LORD why do I not get SHOWTIME???

Ahahahahahaha!!! And OH. MY. GOD.

Background: they're young, wealthy, he bought her boobs for like... a first anniversary present. And I'm not joking. She gets SHIT-FACED all the time (we have lots of social gatherings here on weekends - dinner parties, and the like - think Connecticut in the 70s sans wife-swapping and tweed jackets) and hangs on him (and others) like a cheap suit, he fondles her boobs and says how hot she is. NICE. Nice and classy.

Here's the newspaper blurb: " ____ and ____ are Christians who had premarital sex, then went back to abstaining. Now she fakes enjoyment. "That's the wrong thing to do, I've learned," (she) says in the August 11th episode. She confesses being turned off that he doesn't want to make a production about this."

I would like to remind everyone that while I am not vanilla, Republican, Christian, or repressed in the slightest, the VAST majority of suburban housewives here ARE. So this is slaying me. YOU DON'T ADMIT PUBLICLY THAT YOUR HUSBAND DOESN'T GET YOU OFF. ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Where I can find the episode on torrents and burn it onto disc and possibly invite the other neighbor ladies over to watch. While we drink margaritas. DOOOOOOOD!!!
Tags: humilations galore, oh em gee
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