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Life is really, REALLY good. Cherusha rules. She made me a MOVIE! (psst, Ru! You are AMAZING. Everything is perfect. EVERYTHING! ♥ you tunz.) Also, anelith sent me a card today with a 3-d swinging pirate ship that has me MESMERIZED. Anne, you didn't know this, but when I was a little girl, my Papa had a model pirate ship in his den that I would play with for hours. Um, he didn't know that, or I'd've been in big trouble. Now I have a mini-one of my own!! Love you, too!

So, I'm super uncomfortable getting things and hearing about myself, so for my birthday today, how about hearing something great about YOU?!? If you'd like me to fill your ears with praise, a funny story, something like that, comment and say: "Me, please!" I'm having lunch with my girlfriends, so you might have to wait for love and praise after noon, but it will be here!!

And how about some groovin' music to shake ya tailfeathers to? I'm all bouncy today. Here ya go! (25MB) It's up-file, so scroll down until you see on the right: up4u download, or something to that effect. Here's what's on it:

Scissor Sisters - Take Me Out (maybe the best cover song EVER)
Pee Wee's Big Adventure (you'll be singing this theme song all day!)
Chemical Bros - Galvanize, ft. Q-Tip (this is that groovy song from the Budweiser commercial)
Eric Cartman - My Best Friends (heeeee! "You guys are my best friends. Through thick and thin..." Hahaha!)
Sugarhill Gang - Tonto, Jump On It! (OH EM GEE. Anyone watch Calton and Will do a dance to this? Just me? Okay.)

*pours everyone a shot* Um... let that sit until after lunch. Heh. Aw, screw that! It's happy hour somewhere!! *downs shot*
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