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Ahahahahaha. Aha. Heh. Um... Okay, so the Post That Took Over Life (or PTTOL) gave me a new strength in my hands, and now I can bend metal. Man, I haven't typed that much since that day of taking minutes for the Hyperactive Freetalkers with Tourettes and Cocaine Addiction seminar. (rimshot) Only two real dissenters, and they basically missed the point entirely. I wasn't saying people can't have OPINIONS. I was saying their opinions were WRONG. Hahahaha. Kidding! I was civil to both, and backspaced over "how do you walk with balls that big, do you have a special chair or something?" because that wasn't NICE. ([eta] make that three people, now.)

Quick heads up to all the lovely people from yesterday that added me to their flist: thank you! Now here's your chance to flee. I'm... Well, I typically a LOT cruder than I was yesterday. I just know how to clean up, is all. I take NO OFFENSE to being "defriended" and consider your flist your READING list. You just take care of your business with no worries from me. Examples: this is who I am (bio). Oh, and this, too. Sometimes I'm this. I'm almost always this, or at least I try to be. If you're standing back in horror now, go ahead and unclick that ticky box. :)

So the post I MEANT to make yesterday was to link up to all the awesome fics that people wrote for my birthday, because how cool is that?! *slides a dollar across the table* So I'm only a day late.

Just an embarrassment of riches! Thanks, guys! (If I missed anything, it's because my brain is mush.)

In other news, I still continue to be bugged that Angela can REALLY REALLY sew on Project Runway. She bugs me as a person, but dammit. The girl has skills. And MICHAEL!! Whuh whuh! The man is too good. What did he say earlier in the show? "I'm no Captain Ho-Saver?" Hahaha. He's awesome. ALSO, due to a great person on my flist, I got my hands on the pilot of Heroes and I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED for that show, OH MY GOD. So. It hooked me from the very beginning. Run down premise: due to simple genetics, man is evolving into something more. It's happening in fits and spurts, as evolution always seems to. They totally give X-Men shout outs, for those looking askance. But it's NOT the X-Men Redeaux.

#1, Kudos to NBC for having two of the lead characters be Asian and Eastern Indian, and treat them with respect. The Japanese guy is hilarious, I will say. Funny, TOTALLY into comic books, so he's much more aware of the potential that he's a hero. And his name? Hiro. Heee! (They make it subtle.) The young Texan girl with an AMAZING power is so good. You ache for her. She is just beside herself, trying to understand what is happening to her. What I'm assuming is the main character, a younger brother who is a medic, has a very Clark Kent vibe, and I was instantly bored. Hahaha. BUT. It's mostly the actor they chose - there's something about his lip that bugs me. (I"m weird.) And it's very idol-worship of HIS big brother (and whoa - tone down the sexual tension there, NBC. Or don't. Amp it up, actually. Hahaha.) The Ali Larter character is a weird one. We don't know what her power is - just that it's DARK. I'm totally ready to watch the next ep to find out. Two MAJOR twists in the end, I won't give them away because it will SERIOUSLY impair your enjoyment. I don't know if I'm an idiot for not seeing them coming, or if they just really did a great job of juggling all the balls so I didn't see the twist coming. So. Thumbs WAAAY up from me. Starts in September.

I meant to do this whole summary of yesterday like I did with the fandom kerfuffles, but I'm lazy. So. Off for a jog! Have a great day!
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