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There is not enough energy in the world for me today.

So, a friend of mine, let's call her Size 2, wants me and all of my children to invade her house at some point today to swim and frolic with her toddlers. Yeah, that doesn't sound fun to me, either. I'm envisioning my ADHD pre-teen whining after five minutes "I'm boooooooooored. CANNONBALL!" as he splashes her two year old. Then the two year old crying. And her shooting me the look. All while my #2 is telling her little sister "Quit it!" over and over until Em (the youngest) takes up the challenge to begin pinching and telling Size 2's four year old to "GO AWAY" because currently Emily hates boys.

WHAT A GREAT TIME. Oh, and did I mention she's a size two and wears string bikinis effortlessly? And she's one of those mommies who's whole life revolves around her kids, as in, she talks in baby talk to GROWN UPS? Also: I could be a little grumpy. School starts MONDAY, AND I WANT TO RUN THE CLOCK DOWN, OMG. Basically, the cheerins are just cabin feverish from it being a million degrees outside, and I am cruel because I won't let them watch TV during the day. Oh, blessed school. How I long for your return.

In other news, gardening. I have found a oplace that will sell me (and haul!) a cubic yard of compost for 26 bucks. DUDE. That's a lot of compost. Still no rain here in Texas, and we've got cracks in the lawn that would break a bull's ankle. A nice top dressing will help hold any remaining moisture in, and woe is me, is my garden so sad and pathetic. One of my tomato plants grabbed me around the ankle and coughed dust. Most of my perrenials are still there, as I plant natives and hello! Texas is dry and hot, Go Native. I called the water abuse hotline TWICE this week (we're under strict watering restrictions) as I had two neighbors WASHING THEIR DRIVEWAYS. Good lord. Animals are dying all over the state, and this yahoo can't get a BROOM?

Finally, I'm almost done with a fic that has taken over my life, which is a good feeling, and wanting to write more funny stuff, because I like laughing. And it's been WAY too serious around here for me. Green Giant and Hulk fic, with a side of Mr. Clean as their gay neighbor who frequents leather bars. But I need conflict - maybe some of the Marvel comic book heroes make fun of Hulk for being queer, so Batman and Robin show up, tie everyone up in sexy ropes and educate them all on the gayness of superheroes. Tonto? HELLO.

Is it cosplay when they wear costumes everyday? In conclusion, Oh Bruenhilde, you're so wuvly! Yes, I know it, I can't help it!

[ETA!!] TONIGHT!! It's that show!! With the people I mentioned!!! SHOWTIME, 9pm CST. OH GOD. Hahahahah!
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