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Is there anything sadder than a clown?

Maybe a thread-bare clown (not on purpose threadbare, you know, not STAGE threadbare) with bad makeup (like, it's just makeup? Not "clown" makeup"?) and they're surly, but not in an amusing way and just wandering the streets with a half-empty bottle of seltzer that lost its fizz? And no pie.

That, my friends, is a sad clown.

I am so completely fuggin' bored. I have no energy to do ANYTHING. I hauled and spread over a half-ton of compost (homophobic free compost!) yesterday, and went on my jog late today so the heat - she kilt me ded. I was grumpy from an argument with Mr. S last night (we NEVER fight. We disagree, but we never FIGHT, argh.) and didn't sleep well and I want to do a million things but I don't want to do ANY of them. I want instant gratification in the form of chocolate, margaritas (good ones, not the crap ones last night, bleh - and honestly: how does a bartender in Texas not know how to make a margarita that doesn't taste like mix? I mean, COME ON.) a movie or a roller coaster. Like, it would be awesome if there was a roller coaster that showed up at my front door, so I could take three steps and ENJOY. Because that, ladies and gentlemen, is how friggin' lazy I am today.

Dream coasters. And now, I am sadder than that clown. The one with no pie, and no meaning. Also, clowns suck.
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