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THIS is an Angel's Trumpet (Datura innoxia, not to be confused with Brugmansia, which is an annual.) Pretty, right? Grows to 5 - 8 ft. tall, and about that around. Mine is about 4 feet up and across. Nice. Best thing? It LOVES the heat. Loves shade. Loves sun. No pruning. To say that I love this pretty little plant is an understatement.

This is what I found on it:

(OKAY. That is ACTUAL SIZE. I measured my screen. FUGGIN' GROOOSSSSS.)

That is a tomato hornworm. They are squirmy, thick bodied, and I did the Ooogie Shiver dance (while wearing my leather rose-pruning gloves) each time I YANKED one off. I had to YANK. They are disgusting and I hate them. That is a deck of playing cards, and they were all as long as that. EWWWW. Thicker than my thumb. EWWWWWWW!!

I would like to state that there were FIFTEEN of them. I collected seeds yesterday, and checked the plant. There were no tomato hornworms. Almost the ENTIRE plant has been defoliated. (No leaves.) I have four daturas. FOUR. They ate them all.

The cats are no longer outside. They scare the birds away. Currently mocking birds are having a feast in my driveway. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

In other news, I am writing AU RPS with VK and William "Peter, High Kiing of Narnia" Somebody Hot Lips. Clearly this is a plague of locusts being visited on me. Don't make me bust out the DDT. DON'T. MAKE. ME.
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