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Do or do not. There is no try.

Notes to self:

  • Stretch. You've been avoiding it and your knees hurt. DUH.

  • Write that letter. You know the one. It's gonna suck, but you HAVE TO GET IT DONE. Srsly.

  • Write the other letter. They need to know you wrote the first one.

  • For Pete's sake, will you VACUUM? You should be ashamed.

  • That story isn't going to write itself. (But wouldn't that be cool? It would be like in Harry Potter with a Quick Quotes Quill.)

  • Quit surfing for images that look like William Moseley and Vincent Kartheiser making out. There aren't any.

  • Hint around to your flist that it would be really awesome if someone used this picture and this picture and made it hot. -er.

  • Put out that love post you've been meaning to do for the A-List crew. [/sap]

  • Pot up those snap peas

  • Become perfect in every way and stop being NOT-perfect.

  • Be mad that you forgot to call JackDav in yesterday's post a sexy version of Mary Poppins. Hahaha.

  • Get all of this done by lunch so you can go see Little Miss Sunshine

  • Get your plane ticket to go see Chrissy in September, YAYNESS!!!

  • Stop adding things to this list and go EAT

In other news, Mr. S IM'd me last night to tell me he'd finally finished watching all of The Office (season 2) and how great he thought it was, YAY! (Aww. He was all moved with the Jim/Pam storyline, and thinks Jan/Michael are a cute couple. Hee hee! *loves*)
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