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Weekend Roundup *whupCHEEE!*

We are not discussing how I'm not exercising this morning. (OMG, it's not triple digits!! I'm working in the garden today, hurray!)

  • Spent a ridiculous amount of time watching television with Mr. S
  • (The Office S1, Arrested Development S1 and Deadwood.) I love that Mr. S "aww"s every time Jim reveals his feelings for Pam on The Office.
  • Proved my smarts to the man by explaining all of the in-jokes on AD such as: George Michael, who is incredibly wishy-washy and on the fence, is in love with a girl named "Maeby." How Gob shows up on a Segway to move the narration/plot to a new place. Hahahaha. Man, I love that show.
  • Spent a ridiculous amount of time perfecting my impression of Louis Armstrong as Gandalf. Song will follow.
  • Wrote a whopping 25 words. See: television with husband
  • Booked my ticket for glorious Detroit to see BFF before they move to Flahrida in October. (They live in Ann Arbor)
  • Got a cold
  • Visited with the in-laws (omg, it was FATE that led me to clean the bathrooms before they surprised us with a visit!!) and actually ENJOYED our conversation!
  • Until MIL put the fear of god in The Boy about his upcoming camp (school camp - first time to be away at camp) by talking about someone she knew that had a horrible experience
  • Smirked when Mr. S asked her if she was friggin' insane. I swear, the woman doesn't think.
  • Spent an hour on the swingset with The Boy explaining how awesome camp is, how much fun I had when I went, and how he's going to be fine. And mom and dad are only a call away.
  • Pulled all of the appliances out of the laundry room and scrubbed the floor. Vinegar-to-repel-cats-from-peeing is still working, YAY.
  • Found a most awesome clip on YouTube that made me squirm in my chair. (embeded below. Boys kissing.  WARNING.)

What about YOU?


Aug. 28th, 2006 06:40 pm (UTC)
omg... i missed your b-day!!! by, um, a lot... but i wrote in my head 28th and not 8th... so oopsies!!!

happy birthday stoney1!!!11

life here is still totally nuts. kids sick, me sick, shift key still not working... sorry for the punctuation massacre... will be better friend and typer in a couple months, promise!
ps: pluto flist cut icon? *g*
Aug. 28th, 2006 07:40 pm (UTC)
re: ps. Heeeee!

And no, no, no! Is no big deal about the b-day, for real! But I thank you WHOLE HEARTEDLY for saying anything at all! *hugs* Your baby is probably old enough to DRIVE now. I am SO LAME. *cough* Did you notice the brief mention about me organizing my sewing station? Keep your eyes peeled for a smallish package. *g*

Sick baby? Sick mom? WOE. I swear, there is something going around. The Boy and Em complained about stuffy noses and feeling oogy Friday. Vitamin C to the rescue! Also: TEA. *squishes*
Aug. 28th, 2006 08:16 pm (UTC)
you sew? that's too cool. my only talent lies in the kitchen... but i really can't post you a roast chicken for your birthday because ewwww...

i'll keep a look out for said package *cough* Driving gloves, maybe? *g*

we're on the road to recovery here, hope your household is too.

ps. i didn't think you were supposed to drink texas tea!!!!! omg that might be why you guys are getting sick!!! stop that!!!
Aug. 28th, 2006 08:21 pm (UTC)
OH NOES!!! And I was finaly used to the taste of unleaded!! *spits it out*

We are - I'm the last of the sickies, but it's not bad. Just sleepy and a little loopy. :) Oh, no chickens in the mail, please! But the thought counts. Heee!


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