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Links to help Katrina victims

I don't want to make some big political statement about Katrina. We all know (or should know) that the government failed the Delta. Again. From the city gov't to the feds. When I was there in June, there were still cars in trees. There were still houses upside down and four blocks away from their original foundations. Not much has changed. People can't come back without schools for their kids nor without hospitals operating.

So without getting off on a rant and getting upset, I'm just going to put some links out here if anyone is still thinking of contributing in any small way. It all helps. Operation Kindness is a NO-KILL shelter here in the DFW area that took in hundreds of abandoned cats and dogs from NoLa all the way to Gulfport. Some pups and cats are still in the shelter, waiting for adoption. That's over 10 months. (A few of the dogs were found locked in sheds, almost 2 months after the storm hit.) If you don't have the ability to adopt, they can take financial donations to help support medical treatment and living expenses for these animals. It's a great organization.

Without schools, New Orleans can't function. Only 20 schools remained standing of the original 120. Only three elementary schools are open for residents who have stuck around and are trying to rebuild New Orleans. They can use donations for school supplies, clean-up (there is toxic mold in some schools that needs to be eradicated), and teacher support. Warren Easton high school is a historical charter school in the center of NoLa, predominately black, and the only school in NoLa that received an excellence rating. (They also have a top-notch Special Education program.) They can use help, too. We all should know by now that Louisiana had some of the lowest rated schools in the US. The schools were woefully underfunded and supported. Any contribution that can go directly to the students is a boon.

A lot of people were worried about donation money being squandered. I remember last year hearing people complain about the Red Cross, etc. Here's a list of grassroots volunteer organizations, how to donate, and where your money is going. It includes direct assistance to people with HIV/AIDS, mold abatement, the Acadania Outreach Shelter (a great organization for abused women and children among other things), and direct rebuilding of homes and small businesses. That link will pretty much cover all small organizations seeking donations, and have all been checked for fraud.

I swear, if I see Bush smiling and saying it's a job accomplished today, I'll scream. I'm grateful to all of the faith based organizations that did FEMA's work for them. It's no excuse, Bush. 2 more years, people, and he's gone.

[ETA] OFF TOPIC, BUT OH MY GOD!! Warren Jeffs - polygamist leader the Big Love "Rulon" is modeled after - has been taken into custody!! I'll be watching this story like a HAWK.

America's Most Wanted calls him what he is: child rapist and updates on the arrest. The list that he had wigs, cell phones, and tens of thousands in cash in the car.
Another polygamist on the lam, and I knew her sister.
The last raid on polygamist in Short Creek (the old name for Colorado City/Hilldale where Warren Jeffs ruled) is detailed here, and images are here. It failed because the public saw pictures of sad wives and crying children. They were are released and now we have a man like Jeffs running the show.
Full details of the charges against him in Arizona and Utah. He was smart and covered his tracks with his affairs in Texas.
A list of news links all concerning polygamy, the FLDS, and other enclaves such as in B.C. Updated daily. Man, there are some good topics here.
An FLDS website for the new Eldorado, TX enclave, with a picture of the new temple built there. This is where Jeffs has been rumored to be hiding out. Blog links are interesting, and here's the local paper in Texas that has kept an eagle's eye on the ranch.

These are not good people trying to follow the teachings of Jesus, people. More as I find it.
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