Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Further comments on Warren Jeffs' arrest

Continued from here. (And the last post today, swear.  Man, I'm spammy lately.  Sorry...)

So the power of the blog.  Every blog I read had the details right: brand new Escalade, brother and wife with him, tens of thousands in cash, laptops, wigs, passports.  And the Feds let the other two go!!  I cannot believe they're not being charged with aiding/harboring a known criminal.  It has to be a set-up.  HAS TO BE.

Other point that's interesting to me: they were pulled over on I-15, a few miles north of Las Vegas.  Northbound.  Which means they were headed back towards Colorado City via St. George and highway 59.  (Where that road crosses state lines, to the east is Hilldale, Colorado City.)  Organizing a mass exodus?  Maybe.  There's been a flurry of activity since the "dedication" of the temple in Eldorado, TX, a new enclave funded by Jeffs' controlling interest in the UEP.  (I almost called it the UEB - the name they use on Big Love.  hahaha.)  Apparently a lot of the local business in Hilldale/Colorado City (it's the same place, it just exists on the state line) have been relocating to Mesquite, NV, which is on the other side of the gorge that separates Utah from NV.  It's almost Nowheresville.  It's where Utah Mormons sneak off to do a little gambling without being caught.  Or, you know... where polygamists sneak off to start anew.

Mostly, I'm just shocked they let his brother and wife go.

But I was REALLY HAPPY to see how the FBI and DPS congratulated each other and didn't have a pissing contest about this.  I fully expect to see a domino effect in the FLDS.  A series of arrests should be around the corner, or I'll be hopping mad.    Notice how the Mormon's newspaper mentions he had a Book of Mormon on him.  Let's see them continue to distance themselves from polygamy.
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