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I have a brain worm.

In the form of a song, but fortunately, it's a good one. *points to "Current Music" for those interested*

Lots and lots of activity this weekend,
Mr. S got back from his trip on Friday, just as I was getting over my cold, and he took me out to lunch for yummy soup. Awww. And then we bought a new car. That facilitated the need to completely reorganize our garage, which meant that he decided he needed a completely new system for tool storage, etc. So... that was what we did Friday and Saturday. Clean the garage. Whee? (Okay, I'm such a fan of organization, that I was totally into it. Shut it.)

Which led to me getting the cleaning bug big time, plus, having been sick for a week, that wasn't a bad thing. Laundry room, kitchen, living room, dining room. Everything out. Floors/carpets completely scrubbed. Furniture cleaned. CDs, DVDs reorganized and alphabatized. There isn't one speck of dust anywhere in the downstairs portion of my house. The kids' rooms? Hmmm. We'll tackle those later this week. Apparently, they turned their bathroom upstairs into the toilet from Trainspotting, so we cleaned the hell out of that. Correction: I lorded over them and cracked the whip. GLEH. Why are boys so GROSS???

It rained all day yesterday, which was much needed. It's only in the 70s here!! Okay, those not familiar with Texas weather, that's highly unusual. It's gorgeous and clean and green and crisp outside, and I'm most pleased. I discovered that my garden wasn't as completely dead as I was afraid it would be, so that's nice. I was gearing up to replace everything this fall, so YAY.

Got Mr. S all caught up on The Office (UK) while cleaning, and we agreed that both shows (US vs. UK) are unique enough to not infringe upon the other. Got him caught up on Project Runway as well, and he agrees it is incredibly interesting, even for someone like him who knows nothing about how fashion is made, etc. He also agrees that Jeffrey is an ass, Michael is the best, and Laura has a jaw that could knock holes into granite. JEEEZ. You could break a board across that mug. He's heading back to Brazil for the last time today, so that's another notch in the plus column. Next stop: beautiful Toledo, Ohio. Ahahahaha. Ha. Right after he spent several days trying to convince me we should move to where there's snow. That'll cure that Houston native.

I am realizing that I'm incredibly dull and non-fun lately, which is displeasing. I'm going to get my groove back, which may or may not consist of me hooking up Taye Diggs. I didn't see that movie, so I'm not sure how that works. :D I *do* know that it will consist of me getting in better shape, as crevette has inspired me to join up for the DFW 3 day breast cancer walk in late October. 60 miles in 3 days. No problem. (she says) I'm waiting to hear back from the BFF (the fittest human on the planet) to see if she can come out and do it with me, so I won't have to go it alone. None of my local peeps are game. WIMPS. Expect to hear from me on fundraising soon! *gimlet eye*

Oh! Last thing: Animal Planet is hosting a tribute show tonight, 5pm CST for Steve Irwin. Not one negative comment about the man here, please. I thought he was great, and my kids did too. (And I'm seriously behind on comments, reading, and there's been a TON of fic lately, GAH. I'll get to it. I may be late, but I'll get to it!!) May you all have fabulous and lovely September 5th days today!
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