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In which there are lots of parentheses

So, my guests that were to arrive on Sunday (floweringjudas and slasheuse - the cutest couple around) arrived last night due to some unusual circumstances.  So yesterday was filled with errands and cleaning and shopping of groceries  (good lord, I didn't even ATTEMPT to buy proper tea for an Englishwoman.  We'll get that today) and I'll most likely be offline for the next several days.  There will be museums!  And dining al fresco!  And sight seeing!  We drove past the Grassy Knoll last night after picking them up.  *snoooze*  What?  I'm all into Texana. 

Emily sat in the backseat, soaking up the accent.  When we got home, she told me that Slasheuse sounds like Hermione.  Heeee!

So anyhoo...  I'll get to replies from previous posts (eventually, I swear!) and will see you all in a week or so!  ZOMG, if there is anything wacky (along the lines of "you can take my cock icons when you pry them from my hot, tight fingers variety - heh.  Inside jokes are fun.) EMAIL ME.  :)

Have a good day!  (disabling comments, because I will feel bad not replying!)

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