Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Not really here... not really here...

Quick update before heading off on our last day of sight-seeing, museum hopping, etc.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

For those that are just tuning in (everyone - all two) I've had two lovely girls visiting for the past week, floweringjudas andslasheuse, the prior from Virginia with a voice to curl up with (and hair to DIE for.  Mary Sue hair is right.) and the latter from Oxford, and if I could fold her up and stick her in my pocket, I would.  I've caught myself picking up the Oxfordian manner of speaking lately.  Example: "I don't particularly think..."

I never say that.  I've said it four times since she's been here.  And "I rather think that..."  I'm clearly losing my mind.  HA!  It's not helping that a trip to the bookstore resulted in only me with new books while they looked on, amused at my excitement.  One book in particular (ha) was Stephen Fry's The Liar.  It may be the greatest novel ever written about gay boys, British school systems, and humor ever.  (I didn't slip the u in, so maybe there's hope for me yet.)

In summary: the children are in love with the girls - Laura (FJ) for her artistic abilities and hugable traits, as well as her GORGEOUS smokey voice (acquired with no smoking!); Sophie (SU) for her Hermione traits, sweet demeanor, and comments of "oh, that's brilliant!" anytime they produce a scribble for her to look at.  So, there will be tears when they leave tomorrow.

I've forced chipotle on them at every meal, tequila/margaritas twice, but it has not been a booze fest, which shames me greatly.  We HAVE to drink the champagne I bought tonight, or I'll never forgive myself.  (There was a special Brazillian drink when Mr. S got home Saturday, but I didn't care for it.  I don't know if it's the liquor, or how Mr. S makes drinks.  I should experiment.)

Today we're off to the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Scuplture museum, by way of train, OH.  Crap.  No.  We can't because then we can't swing in and see my sister!  Car it is, then.  Bah.  dooki?  We'll be there after lunchtime, okay?  This isn't important to anyone, I know.

I've gained about five pounds (seriously - what is UP with that??  I'm walking 6-8 miles every morning!!) so I look forward to a period of starvation soon to come so I can fit into any of my clothes.
If there's anything of interest, wanks, fic, vids, picspams, etc. that's happened over the past week, link me up!  (I'm leaving Thursday for a weekend with the BFF in Ann Arbor, so I'll REALLY be offline) hit me here!  Don't be shy!

(Chrislee, if you're reading this, I DID see your journal, and I'm sending all my love and hugs to you.)
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