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A silent home... But a noisy head.

First and foremost!! Please take the time to check out my new fundraising page for the Susan G. Komen 60 mile walk-a-thon. I hope you'll consider donating a small portion (or hell, a large one if you can!) to help fund the research to fight breast cancer! (I'm walking 60 miles in three days - what's 10 bucks to force me into pain and suffering?)

Have gotten floweringjudas and slasheuse off to the bus station on their way to Austin, TX and parts further East without fail, there was an excess of hugging and kisses and such. They were really excellent houseguests. Fun, lively, enjoyed being "chillaxed" as much as the days we did fun things... What could be better? Nothing, unless they were each made of GOLD and let me break off a little sum'in' sum'in. Plus, one night we discussed the possiblility of
  • Hogwarts, A history being a horcrux, and the hissy fit Hermione would have at its needing to be destroyed
  • Hogwarts itself being a horcrux - due to the "deeper magic" in its walls
  • Harry Potter being one - and him having to kill himself (but not really, because his attempt would be a "deeper magic" that would enable him to live)

So you know... good times! Laura (FJ) and Sophie (SU) remain in love for those on my flist who perhaps worried, and were possibly the cutest gay couple ever. We loved them being here!

BUT! This is the stuff crammed in my head, and what I hope to organize into some semblance of fic over the next little bit:
  • Currently a fic with Spike running into Ripper back in the 70s (prior to Spike killing Nicky) and him thinking Ripper was cool - and adopts his look. An early "Punk Spike" look, you see. Heeee! (PG)
  • Outlined a fic where Mr. Trick used to run in Gunn's crew, then was vamped (PG - violence)
  • Outlined a fic with Norrington on his first commissioned ship (teenager) and why he REALLY hates Jack Sparrow (NC-17)
  • More of the boarding school AU RPS - becoming more and more YA than porny, I'm afraid to report. Although I may write "alternative chapters" of porn. Still debating because I'm a dork and it's really not a big deal, but somehow I'm MAKING it a big deal - we all need to feel important, huh? Haha.
  • 5 fics for the Sitcomathon that I've not even TOUCHED and which are due on Hallowe'en. I need to get cracking.

But first, I'm going to get shopping. It's friggin' COLD (Mr. Bigglesworth) in Michigan (for me) and I need something cute and warm to wear!!
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