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No, see, it's the PERFECT shirt for this morning.

So today is trash day, which I forgot, and I'm wearing my new "Rocket Scientist" tee. HAHAHA. Oh, self.

So I'm home! I first have to make a HUGE apology to anyone that I spoiled re: Project Runway. A thousand apologies. My mind was running a mile a minute and I put the LJ-cut too far down. So very sorry, was not intentional, and I'm usually WAY BETTER about cuts, folks. I've deleted that sentence for the record. I was without internet access all weekend, or I would have done it sooner. I AM SORRY!!!

And I'm not even going to apologize for mocking the cutting. That's how hard-core I am. Hard core like a granny at stitch-n-bitch with an AC/DC tee-shirt, yo! I know that makes no sense. I'm allowed two a year. So the BFF continues to be awesome. As is her husband. But for those that like more detailed trip posts, HERE WE GO.

Flight out was nice - apparently there was a Red Hat "to-do" in Lansing, MI, so I had all of these crazy ladies dressed head to toe in purple and red with feathers and spangles and stuff all over them on my plane. Their luggage was purple and red. Their water bottles (empty). Their book covers. I just... Okay, yay for you having something to be passionate about, but - Okay, one lady had a TURBAN on that was ONE FOOT HIGH. With feathers. And sequins. And ribbons trailing down the back. Really? REALLY?? That's how you express your sense of individuality and personal freedom? By buying into a look that lots of other women are buying into? I'll wait a moment for that irony to sink in. I asked her about her chapeau and she told me it cost FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Wow. I can think of many things to do with $500, and not ONE of them involve buying a hat that looks like Carnac the Magnificent got attacked by peacocks. (Make those feathers red and purple, and THAT IS WHAT HER HAT LOOKED LIKE.)

So the flight was fun. I finished the book The Liar by Stephen Fry, and I can't stress enough: SO FUNNY. Very clever, incredibly and gleefully gay, and it must be said: no one can properly insult another like an educated and erudite Brit. A sample of the funny: "It's been said that you should experience everything life has to offer, with the exception of incest and murder, which I explained to Mother while in bed last night." Hahaha! I left the book with Chrissy to read, then it's off to make the book rounds in my circle of life friends.

There's the BFF waiting by the baggage, hugs all around, then we went to the barn from the airport to see Doc and the other horsies. It's funny to see her old quarter-horse alongside the thoroughbreds. He's about 75 pounds overweight, hardly has front teeth anymore, and is basically a big doggie. Awwww. (He's 24) We let him out of his pasture to follow us around like a puppy while we greeted all the tetchy/jumpy thoroughbreds. The babies are so skittish, they'd twitch and rear at the sound of a carrot being snapped in half. Yeah, I'll take Western riding and a good Paint over those fellers. The facilities' stallion let me feed him one carrot before he got aggressive. (The horse had balls the size of cantaloupes - gleh.) The barn kitties were almost perfectly round ginger balls with feet and pointy ears. They'd gotten into a fight before we arrived and one had a fat lip. Ha! He looked like he was pouting. (He's fine. The owner of the facility is a vet, in case you wondered.)

Good things I ate while in Ann Arbor: a Magic Brownie from Zingerman's. I picked up a cookbook, too, and will try many of their yummy recipes this week. I also grabbed a dark chocolate bar there, one that is 100% cacao. Awesome, right? Mmm, dark chocolate. HOLY CRAP, I couldn't get that out of my mouth fast enough. Bleh. Have you ever had a pecan that wasn't shelled all the way? You know that little red bit of shell in between the halves? That's what it tasted like. And a hint of dirt. Pee-yook. I think I top out at 80% cacao, otherwise it's just too nasty to my mouth.

Other good things: a pear, apple, cherry, pistachio and feta salad. A grilled pizza with figs, manicotti, basil and asiago cheese. (Holy YUM.) We went to a bar to watch the Michigan/Notre Dame game ("Rudy Sucks" was a popular tee-shirt on Saturday. hahahaha!) and I had tequila shots. Not good tequila, but what can you expect? Patron Respado, for those keeping track. The bartender was hilarious. He was a Philadelphia native, asked me where I was from, then mocked the Cowboys for getting T.O. off their hands. *cough* Who won yesterday? That's right. COWBOYS. Also: any football fans out there see that HORRIBLE leg break on the USC game? Oh god, I jumped out of my seat and walked around the keep my gorge from rising. Oh my GOD.

As far as body aches go, I walked a solid 10 miles every morning, then we would wander around the U of Mich campus/downtown every day, so I probably clocked in 14 miles a day. I got a little full of myself yesterday and ran part of my 10 mile walk (the ground was so springy! Layers upon layers of tree litter...) I paid for it on the plane ride home. They wouldn't let us out of our seats due to turbulence, so I was quietly moaning with the need to extend my leg. OUCH. But I'll miss visiting Ann Arbor when the BFF and her husband move to Tallahassee in October. The Huron is a beautiful river, the city is lovely, and while the people aren't as friendly as I'm used to, they aren't RUDE. Well, much. (I mean, seriously. When you make eye contact with someone, YOU SAY HELLO. Or good morning. SOMETHING. It's not hard, people.)

Oh, while I'm chastising the faceless people out there, let me make one public statement about something NO ONE SHOULD DO.

I cannot stress that enough. That shouldn't need to be addressed, but APPARENTLY it does!! Good LORD. Some woman - business executive, by her conversation we all got to listen in on - was in the middle of a conference call while blowing raspberries on the crapper. With toilets flushing all around her!! I cannot understand the human mind sometimes. I was apparently standing with my mouth open while waiting in line, and an older woman behind me "tsk'd" and shook her head. "Can you imagine?" What her co-workers must have been thinking... DON'T TALK ON THE PHONE WHILE POOPING, PEOPLE. Or peeing. Not a BUSINESS CALL. NO. Do not do that. You've been taught now, so there's no excuse.

One bad thing - Chrissy isn't going to be able to do the Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk with me after all. She's going to fly out to help her mom after she has surgery (yikes!!), so I'm going it alone. I'll find some friendly faces and slip in with some fun folks, I'm sure. And I'm going to get serious about fundraising this week - get ready! And if you feel inspired to donate (or send me well wishes) that's a GREAT IDEA! Click the link to go to my personal donation page. Any amount is a great amount!

All in all, excellent trip with my most favorite people on the earth. They're funny, intelligent, don't take life seriously, love to play and move and DO, I got to snuggle with Ladybug (their Red Healer - which, seriously? Doesn't everyone know what Cattle Dogs look like? People asked us ALL THE TIME if it was a FOX. "Yeah, just leashed up a wild animal this morning for a run." They just goggled at this pup like she was a rare breed. WTF, people??), saw the horsies and kittens every day, read read read and chatted and laughed until my stomach ached. Now that her husband is done with his Ph.D, he's so relaxed and it was great to see. Usually he's running back and forth to the school and the library, so I've missed hanging out with him. He's as sarcastic as hell, a total sneak, and just one of the best people on earth. They make me happy.

But it's great to be home, I missed my kiddoes and Mr. S - who massaged my knees and I love him MORE THAN EVER as a result - and my kitties were lined up at the door to greet me when I got home. D'awwww.

So how are all of YOU? I'm going to check all the links/recs in my last post, so what else is new? Mmm, I'm making fresh bread today - what's your favorite kind of bread???
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