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Sorry for the spam, but HEEEEEE!

Probably only of interest to brandil and thebratqueen... So, I get a package today in the mail: my Caitlin books! They're used, so the first one has someone who practiced spelling "Caitlin Murphy" over and over on the inside flap. I can just see the 13 year old dreamily imagining that as the most perfect name ever. Heee!! "Cordelia with the alabaster brow..."

From the back cover:
Caitlin. Beautiful. Dazzling. Charming. Rich. And very, very clever.
To everyone at her exclusive Virginia boarding school, she seems to have it all. But there is a secret need that haunts her life. A need for love. And only one boy can make her forget her unhappy home life, can fulfill her need for love: handsome, sensitive Jed Michaels. Jed, who has already given his heart to another girl.
But Caitlin is determined to win him for herself, one way or another. Then a tragedy occurs that has consequences that not even Caitlin can deal with...

Loving is the first in a series about the unforgettable, raven-haired beauty, Caitlin. There's never been a heroine like her.

Hahahaha! I love "raven-haired beauty" and "can fulfill her need for love."

From Book 1 (I got book 3 two weeks ago... I must read them in order! How will I ever UNDERSTAND THE PLOT, zomg??)

"Caitlin," Ginny told her, "Jed spent almost the whole night with Diana - either dancing or talking - and he didn't look as if he was suffering."

Caitlin laughed. "Ginny, you crack me up. You don't really expect me to believe Jed spent a whole night with a nothing like Diana?"

"You can believe what you want - but it's the truth."

Caitlin remained on the bed as Ginny took her nightgown and towel and left the room for her shower. Caitlin was furious with Jed. How could he have danced all those dances with Diana? Everyone in the school was probably already talking about it!

It was time for Caitlin to take some serious action!

Oh Em Gee, people!! Caitlin is going to pull out biochemical weapons of mass destruction! Or genetically clone an impostor to Diana and stab it, then hide the real Diana in a cave and tell her the world ended and it's ALL DIANA'S FAULT! Or stab her a billion times and dump her body - weighted with ceramic unicorns - into the Chesapeake Bay!

...or get revenge involving a horse. SOME HOW JED WILL BE HERS. All hers. Muah ah ah!
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