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You moved the headstones, but you left the bodies!!

Oh Patrick Swayze. Hahahaha. Repopulate the earth with Caroline in the City! (I have an unholy love for the movie Red Dawn. It's unexplainable.) Jericho: Liked. Not in love, but liked. It didn't hit me like the first ep of Lost did, but then, I bailed out of lost after the Dirty Rotten Sister Fucker died, so... Hmm. Plus, it has Gerald McRaney! I love him. Major Dad! Simon! Crazy!Evil Hearst! His character was a bit too "PAX Network" for me, so I hope that CHANGES. Give him GRIT, writers. The show loses points for putting children in peril in the first 20 minutes. (But when the kids cried on the bus at the sick girl?? Okay, I'm not EVEN going to act like that didn't upset me. swmbo mentioned in her post that they lose points for not having a parent on that bus, too. Those were under 3rd grade kids. There would be PARENT HELPERS, good point, Swm.

I'll stick it out a few more eps to see if it gets grittier. The empty Prison bus was a nice touch. (Man, I love end of the world stuff - as long as it isn't "Left Behind" type fare.)

Exercise: I am feeling SO GOOD. Today was 10.82 miles, and I didn't even NOTICE my feet or muscles until mile 8, and I feel strong, strong, strong. I need to push it to 12-14 miles this weekend, and now that I have new shoes (omg, SO STIFF and SO GOOD) I am feeling GOOD about that. I looked down at my legs and they feel so toned and HEALTHY. The scale isn't moving, but I am. Hooray stick-to-itiveness.

WHY I AM EXERCISING LIKE A CRAZY PERSON. Folks, the Susan G. Komen foundation is a fantastic group. Every drop in the bucket helps, and for those that have already made donations, I appreciate your support SO MUCH! (Summary: I'm walking 60 miles in ONE WEEKEND to raise money for breast cancer research. Care to donate? Sure you do! *beams*)

Today: I make bread. Mmmmm! Yay, fall! Tonight is Hatch chili peppers stuffed with Tilapia, jack cheese, and GOODNESS. I am in a TERRIFIC mood! *beams positivity to all of you!!*

Tonight: The Office season 3 premiere!! Oh my GOD I am so excited for this. I love it when shows end on cliffhangers like it did. LOVE IT. I mean, I hate the wait, sure, but I like CARING about a show. If you aren't watching this show, you are really missing out. Funny, poignant, achy in places, and CLEVER, omg. I have nothing of import to say, and I am BOUNCING in my chair, so I'll just click that little button at the bottom...

(eta) Whoops. I meant to mention that I watched The Color Purple last night, and while it's all very "Oscar Nom, huh? No, no, just making a movie. To win AN OSCAR." I ALWAYS CRY when her long lost son Adam says "Mama?" Every. Time. And when her daughter cries. And when she's hugging her sister. And when Shug Avery sings "God Is Tryin' To Tell You Something." My LORD, that song is awesome. I need an mp3 of that NOW. DONE!
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