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Diversity was an old, old wooden ship from the Civil War.


  • My new shoes from Brooks: Universal platform (I pronate on one leg, suponate on the other), Adrenaline GTS Six. DO not buy crappy footwear, people. Says the girl with horrid knees/feet/arthritis.
  • My second pair of new shoes from Sacony (I almost gave up on them. ALMOST.) Hurricane Grid. Thick thick thick heel padding and motion control. For people who roll their ankles a lot. *raises hand*
  • My pedometer from Sharper Image: steps today: 15,748 Translation: 12.1 miles. The FM radio blows, however.
  • My fan-freaking-tastic chile rellenos stuffed with shrimp and tilapia - recipe to follow under a cut.
  • Steel cut Irish oats with raisins, pecans, and a touch of cinnamon for breakfast. My tummy is pleased.

  • FM radio. All of it. Every last channel, except for WRR here in Dallas, because it's the best classical station ever.
  • NPR for long walks. Not. Motivational. At all.
  • Book Six in the Outlander series. I'm sticking it out because I have completion issues, but JESUS, Gabaldon! Get over yourself and quit writing soft-core porn. People in their 50s who run a farm in the 18th Century are most likely too tired to bone all the damn time. They need to SLEEP.
  • My husband telling me that the above mentioned chile rellenos are "fantastic!" but somehow not good enough to serve company. And when I ask him "the hell??" his reply is that I can't take criticism. I'm still trying to understand how "this is FANTASTIC! But not for people outside our home" is criticism. Help?


6 large poblano peppers (Hatch, if you can get 'em.)
1 pound shrimp, shelled, raw
2 fillets Tilapia (or other mild-flavored white fish. Could sub. with scallops or crab meat)
1/2 C low-fat sour cream
1/2 C combo cheddar/jack cheeses
1 can Rotel tomatoes or Del Monte Mexican Style toms (dude, save time and use a can.)
1 red pepper, to be roasted with poblanos
Juice of 1/2 lime
Cumin/Chile powder

Rice and beans for side dish? Or salad? You pick. Preheat oven to 375.

Roast the peppers on the grill or stove-top until blackened all over. Slip off burnt skin under running water, cut off tops and core the seeds, set aside. Cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil. In large mixing bowl add shrimp, cover with tomatoes and lime. Dice red pepper and add, along with sour cream, cheese, and a tsp. of cumin and chile powder (more to suit your tastes).

Stuff the peppers, set on their sides on baking sheet, and top with a little extra cheese, if desired. Roast for 25 minutes - check the shrimp for pink color. That's when they're done. Serves 6 (or three really REALLY hungry people.)

I'm going to experiment with a dash of tequilla before baking - see if that jazzes up the taste a bit. Mmmmmmmm. Confidential to anelith: thanks for the Vindaloo recipe!! I'm going to try that later this week, and I'll pass on the paneer recipe when I can track it down.
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