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I did warn them...

So my daughter's (#2) teacher discovered that I am a Master Gardener. The school has a greenhouse that has been sitting idle for two years. I've asked repeatedly if I could help them fill it, help with the classes, etc. She grabbed me in the hall today as I dropped Em off in her Kindergarten class (still the cutest class in the whole school, omg one boy wears a CAPE!! And one little girl pops her thumb out and smiles at me, then pops her thumb back, heeee!) and asked me if I would be in CHARGE of the greenhouse. Man, I suck in leadership roles. I'm a great starter and motivator, but I BLOW with the follow through. Can't I just be a worker drone? It's what I do best. Apparently NO ONE has volunteered any help. BAH. If it all falls to pieces, I warned them.

*buys a new notebook for scheduling, or I am LOST*

I continue to enjoy Studio 60, but I did think that the big "number" they did was a bit lackluster. Like I mentioned in my "Rules for Writing Comedy"panel at WriterCon, if you have your characters tell a joke, 9 times out of 10 the "laugh" is going to fall flat. It would have been better for them to have discussed what it was, and have it playing in the background while the dialogue rode over it. Anyone remember Steve Martin hosting during the Chris Farley years when everyone said it sucked, and had the "Not Gonna Phone It In Tonight!" musical number at the opener? That worked. It worked because it moved all over the studio and had more inside jokes. Okay, so I'm just outing myself that I believe Sorkin can't write sketch comedy. But he writes other humors well, so no big. Maybe if Tina Fey's 30 minute show flops (not that I WANT it to, I love her and Alec Baldwin) she can join the writing staff. Punch that stuff up a bit.

Saw an interview with Lorne Michaels who said that he's "chosen to be flattered" by the 2 new shows this season based on SNL. Hee!

Heroes was still entertaining enough to keep me around. I loved the characters: Cheerleader, Hiro (ha. Hero. Ba dum bum ching!) and the Indian geneticist can drag me off into a corner and have his way with me, ungh. It needs to tighten up, and I have NO IDEA what's up with Ali Larter's character. Meh. Pick up the pace, yo. Oh, and the actor that plays the younger brother that thinks he can fly? That actor is bugging the CRAP out of me. He's like... a weiner. Not intriguing. But I do like Hiro and how he effectively (imo) gives the exposition for the show, and the cheerleader is fun to watch get broken up into pieces. What? :D Watched "How I Met Your Mother" and I have to say... why? This isn't a good show. Okay, Neil Patrick Harris is entertaining, he always is, but that's not enough to keep me watching the very pretty Alyson Hannigan mugging for the camera with her wide eyed "I am pretty and adorable! See how much I open my eyes? LOVE ME." *shrugs*

Things that rock: my buddy Jennifer (who made a HUGE donation to my 60 mile Walk-A-Thon to raise money for Breast Cancer Research - GIVE ALL YOU CAN!) giving me a new ball-cap. Pink. With a ribbon in front. Awww. She's a sweetheart. She's also promised to be there at the finish line on Sunday to watch me stagger across the line, and that is a GOOD FRIEND, people. I can only imagine the smell and sight of me... BLEH. (Short walk today - 5 miles, 4.75mph.) I continue to hate my FM radio/pedometer and will no longer carry it because ARGH. Unweildly. Anyone have recs on an iPod type mp3 player? I don't nevessarily feel the need for the name brand - just something with loads of space and good fb?

Off to accomplish many tasks! Have a GLORIOUS Tuesday!! OH! and even though it is the 27th now (just barely) on the Eastern Hemisphere, it's not officially my girl cherusha's birthday until tomorrow. So Ru... I didn't forget. :) ♥

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