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Our friendship began on a dare...

Today is the lovely cherusha's birthday! Even though she is in Shanghai eating delicious food, and the world says it's the day after her birthday in the Eastern Hemisphere, it's her birthday NOW in my head. Good lord, I'm no longer making sense...

So there was this chick who played Jack Davenport in our cracked out RPG, celebs_on_crack. And she thought to herself, what is more cracked out than Jack Davenport requiring the services of one Will Ferrell (who I played) as a beard to stall the advances of Ben Affleck, Hugh Grant, and Colin Firth. See, that right there is why cracked out RPGs with celebs are the best, because WHAT???? And because Will didn't understand what that meant, and he was very much a Ron Burgundy-esque character - and let's face it: Jack Davenport is easy on the eyes - he agreed. Which ruined his relationship that never would be with Scarlett Johansson, which made him GAY. ALL BECAUSE OF JACK'S NEED TO HIDE FROM HUGH GRANT. And Johnny Depp. And Colin Firth. And...

All because of a snarky kiss, demanded by a surly yet dashing Brit. This led to a wonderful friendship between Ru and I. She showed me the light on Sparrow/Norrington (back before it was kewl, omg), took me to Chinatown for the best damn Shanghai food that ever touched a palate, laughed all night long about all manner of things both in IM, phones, and in NYC for our fun weekend of adventure and food, and gave me a little gift one time that I *still* keep on my desk and laugh at every time I see it. The pin reads: " 'Kaka: Hold my hand.' '...metaphorically?'" It's from the link above, if you're scratching your head.

She's brilliant, BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL, funny, teeny tiny, has flawless skin, dorks out for new Apple products, loves opera and classical music, loves sarcastic banter, and is one of the best people I've ever met, period.

Some of the best Jack and Will moments: The skunk story is still my favorite. That he BEFRIENDS a skunk. Ahahaha. Or Jack's idea of proper Halloween treats to pass out. Personally, I like his idea of handing out math problems to be solved before anyone gets a treat. (Warning: schmoop level high at the end of that thread.)

Some of the best Jack moments: "Jack" created the name "Holy One" for Johnny Depp. What's funny is how often real life mirrored stuff we did on A-List, long after the fact. Anne Rice calls Depp "Jesus." Jack has a conniption. Or when "Jack" psychoanalyzed everyone based on their names. And anytime that Jack and Vanessa Paradis (Johnny's real life Not-Wife - another phrase she coined) bantered about Depp.

A funny and clever Sparrington fic she's written: To Catch A Pirate.

And since she's lately come around to not wanting to bop Orlando Bloom over the head, HERE IS THE WORLD'S GIFT TO YOU, RU.


Pls to be checking your mailbox upon your return from the Far East, kthx. love love love love you.


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Sep. 28th, 2006 11:41 am (UTC)
First: She lies! I am unworthy and GNOMISH in comparison.
But I love her all the same. :*

(you make me all incoherent and stuff)

I miss you, my-better-half-of-the-white-powdered-cakepie-they-call-crack. I wanna teleport you over here and show you Shanghai, because omg the LOVE! It must be shared with those dearest to me.

I just got back from a day's worth of exploration (by myself!). I took the bus and subway by MYSELF, I should add! *is all growed up now* So your post is perfect timing! And now I am cracking up over you links all over again (omg the last one boggles my mind in the best way possible XD).

And Will Ferrell (!!!), that sexy bastard... Dammit, I LOVE our RPG! (I smooch you for reminding me of that!) Now I'm imagining how how "Jack" would react to being crammed like sardines onto a bus in the middle of a traffic jam. Okay okay, here's the pitch: He planned on making the pilgrimage to Soviet Russia only to discover that Soviet Russia no longer exists (those bastards!). Now he is on a holy mission to rediscover communism, which lands him in Shanghai, and then he becomes all disillusioned as he discovers it's one of the most capitalistic places in the world (and what's more, the crowds are totally cramping his misanthropic style). Hmmm, I think I need more sleep... but no, because omg the SIZE of this town!

(I should really stop using parentheses before I develop a condition)

*HEARTS - big beautiful bouncy hearts that you can later eat for dessert* yum!

Also: I will hold your hand -- literally -- 4 EVA!
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