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GIP! And sundries...

Falling behind on things... so much to read, to listen to, to watch, to organize. I know, I'll play on LJ, instead! NO. So, I'm logging off for a bit so I can tackle all the things I need to get done. As I get closer to the 3 Day Walk-a-thon, I plan on talking more about my training and how my body ACHES. If you do NOT want to listen to that rambling, drop me a comment - I'm making a training filter. Won't hurt my feelings - save yourselves! Ha.

Today was a short walk: 7.1 miles. I BREEZED through it. That blows my mind that it's a short/easy walk at this point. I made the kids' teachers charms with pink ribbons on them to make them inspire them to donate, help raise awareness for the 3 Day, and they beamed and showed them off to me this morning when I dropped the kiddoes off. The principal is letting me collect donations there, too, which is all kinds of awesome.

I'm off to have lunch with my dad (yay!) and then back home to write more boarding school porn fic (I'm struggling with how long this could get...), , my new thing I've started a (Bible translation for North Georgia Mountain Folks), and a new Office fic I've outlined (deleted scenes that show Dwight and Angela's relationship). If you do the ridiculous name smooshing thingy for Angela and Dwight, you get A'ight. Which I like.

OHHHHH!!!! I forgot the most important thing!! mskakaako sent me a Dwight Schrute bobblehead!! AHAHAHAHHA!! How awesome is that? He's looking sternly at me right now. Probably admiring my breasts, because we all know that Schrutes produce thirsty babies and the male Schrutes admire pert and full breasts. The best thing is the box has a memo to his subordinates indicating that he carries a tape measure to ensure proper parking distance, which I had written into the one Office fanfic I've done and HA! I love that show. TONIGHT, YAY!

Have good days, everyone! (THANK YOU, KAKO! Heart heart heart!!!!)
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