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Fings wot 'appened in me weekend

Met a little boy named STONEY. Okay, it's Stone, but his nickname is Stoney. He is this many *holds up hand* and likes to hold my hand, and likes to play with lightsabers, and likes to look at the caterpillars in my garden, so there is no bad here. (This is the child of the friends who might not like my chile rellenos, for those playing the home game.) We had steak, btw. That Mr. S cooked. So he could fall, in case. Heh. Also, 'tis the BFF's birthday today and she is OLDER THAN ME, HAHA. She is also smarter and cooler than me, so there's the payoff. Heee!! *sends a million hugs to Ann Arbor, MI*

Walked a million miles this weekend, which is an exaggeration. It was only 999, 738. Or felt like it as we have a HEAT WAVE again, and seriously! COME ON, TEXAS. 94 yesterday. OCTOBER 1. I do not like that, thank you very much. I'm also taking the day off from exercising today because yesterday's 11.87 miles felt like a death march. And while I take the day off, I will be exploring the State Fair Of Texas, the largest of its kind, with the folk-units and my most favorite aunt in the world, who is visiting from Salt Lake City. She taught me how to make yogurt last night the old fashioned way. As in, warm milk curdling on the stove. AWESOME. *gives everyone E.Coli*

If you have ANY INTEREST in starting a new fic, a fic that is a CROSSOVER (and longtime readers of this LJ should know that I do not DO crossovers - so that should tell you something) of BtVS and the X-Files... Run, don't walk to st_salieri's LJ and read Stranger Than Fiction. Ahahaha. Ha. It's awesome. Angel and Spike are nicely snarky and sexy, Fox Mulder is as skeptical and dumb as always, and Buffy! And Scully! And Andrew! Hee. Two parts, and I'm not sure how long it will end up being, but it's a fun read, for sure.

I wrote fic, and will be posting later, so apologies in advance for Spam. (Connor, Angel, Someone Else) I feel like there's something I'm forgetting... Nobel Prize mention for gene work? Done. No, there's something... Ah, well. I'll ETA if I think of it. Have a great day, and I'll ave hello to Big Tex for you. Fletcher corny dogs, here I come!
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