Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

Fic Post: E Nomine Patre

Title: E Nomine Patre
Author: Stoney
Fandom: AtS
Rating/Characters: PG-13, Connor, his father
Summary: Set in late S3. Short. Ish. Based on an aside I made in the Connor CD Mix post.
A/N: As always, I welcome concrit, either here or email.

E Nomine Patre

He always let go. The dream never changed. The sky was harsh, yellows and greens, no wind blew, no sound of birds or animals could be heard. They stood at the edge of a jagged cliff face, the rocks below sharp and inviting. The water hundreds of feet below roiled and churned against the stones.

"A few more steps, son. I've got you."

The boy knew he lied. He wanted to pull his hand away, run to the safety of a cave or tree, the pit of his stomach turned and twisted like the white foam that would soon claim him.


The child tightened his hand in his father's grip and smiled sweetly up at him. The man bent down and laid his hand on his son's unruly hair, lighter in color and softer in texture than his father's.

"One more step, son."

The boy peered over the edge, his hand a death grip in his father's. His toe dislodged a stone and it went tumbling and crashing over the precipice. Just like he would do.

The dream was always the same.

"I love you, Father."

"Go with God."

The hand always slipped away like the boy had no strength. He didn't know anymore who pulled away first. With dream logic the boy was able to turn and look into the worn and scarred face of his father, who stood looking down, hands clasped behind his back while humming a hymn.

"I love you."

The wind rushed all around the boy's frail body in a scream disguising the roar of the boiling ocean below, stealing his last words away. Or was that the sound of the boy's scream? The noise grew louder and louder, the water racing to claim the child, when Angel woke up with a jerk, hand clutched over his unbeating heart.

He laid back against the pillow and stared at the charred walls of what was his baby's bedroom.

The dream was always the same.
Tags: connor, fic
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