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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and the State Fair. :)

I am walking 60 miles.

Why on earth would I do that? To raise money and awareness for breast cancer treatment, that's why. I'm walking for my mother-in-law, a breast cancer survivor. I'm walking for Corrine, my step-mother's best friend (and who did my hair when I was an awkward pre-teen and bought me lipstick on the sly) who died three years ago from breast cancer. I'm walking for a2zmom's mother and her friend who was recently diagnosed. I'm walking for you. Your mothers, daughters, sisters, friends.

Did you know the Susan G. Komen Foundation is from Dallas? That it was started by one woman as a promise to her dying sister to find a cure? Did you also know that 100% of the money I will raise will go directly to paying for medical expenses for a woman being treated for breast cancer? 100%. I've paid for all of my own expenses, as have all of the other tens of thousands of participants. The 3 Day isn't the "Race for the Cure." That's another fantastic event, but this is 3 days. 3 days of me walking 20 miles. With survivors. With their families. All of us have agreed to raise $2200, or pay the difference. That's how committed we are. If you have the ability to donate, I've linked to my donation page. If you would rather get involved in another way, consider joining the Crew for a 3 day in your area. Or check out their store and buy some cool products - 85% of sales go to medical expenses. Again, I want to publicly thank crevette for being my inspiration to join up. Her walk is coming up in less than 2 weeks, and I'm rooting for you and telaryn!

[ETA:] If you would like me to add someone's name to my Walk shirt, leave a comment - or send me an email at myusername[at]livejournal[dot]com - with their name. I'll proudly add it.

Thanks for indulging me. And for those of you that have made donations, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, on to TV!

So, I'm still interested in where this show is going. But I want to flick the younger brother everytime he's on screen. I don't know what audience they tested that guy in front of, but the younger "flying" brother looks like he's got an infection in his mouth and one side's all screwy. Also, the "floppy hair of LIKE ME, I'M SENSITIVE" is bugging me. The two brothers don't look anything alike. Except for the fact that they're carbon-based. Every time Mohinder comes on screen, I moan quietly. UNGH. He is a pretty, pretty man. I am SKEPTICAL about this waif-possible-love-interest that showed up last night. LAME and forced. If they just stuck to the concept without sloppily introduced love-interests, the show could be stronger.

Hiro is still keeping me involved. OH: the creepy father of the cheerleader? When will TV writers realize that it's better to show a creepy father as someone seemingly normal and loving and THEN creepy, instead of making me wince as he interacts with his daughter? I mean, I get that he's creepy. You've set that up. But making him creepy with his kid is only going to make me wonder why she cares about him, and how on earth can she let him hug her, or whatever. MAKE THE FATHER LOVING. It's a stronger suckerpunch, TV writers!

Studio 60!

When the show deals with the background issues of putting a show on air, or the relationships between the various cast members, it's at its strongest. When they quick cut through sketches, or work on jokes, I cringe. THEY CANNOT WRITE SKETCH COMEDY. This is not a problem, generally, except that they think they can. And they can't. Aaron! For the love of god, just do what you do best!

Oh my LORD the BEAR JOKE. Did you ever hear a joke more painfully unfunny?? Which... You've got DJ Hughley working for you. The man is frickin' HILARIOUS. Let him loose on some of those punchlines. Trust me. Here's a simple way to make the bear punchline funnier: SO the idea is that the hunters have silencers on their guns, right? Bear says: "Raaaaaw -!" *shock of being shot, falling dead.* Okay, seriously. It's just not a funny joke. Oh! Change it to a "does a bear shit in the woods" punchline, but make it to the bears shitting on Wyoming's House of Congress, where the law was passed. Ha. "Bob, in answer to the age old question, 'Does a bear shit in the woods,' I'm being told that no, they in fact are now shitting on Rep. Chauncelman, the man responsible for passing this new bill." As the correspondent touches their ear piece, as if they're getting the news in a feed. Then you could veer off into a Matt Foley joke where he asks how old the bears are, and if they have any clothes on.

The show feels a bit smug with it's own awesomeness right now, and that does not bode well for me. When it's awesome, it's TERRIFIC. But seriously. Quit with the sketch comedy. You CAN have a show about writing sketch comedy without actually SHOWING the weak skits. Promise. They're just watering down old SNL sketches and - god help us all - MADTV sketches. Stop it. Show the people.

State Fair of Texas!

Deep in the heeeeaaaaart, of Texas! On the drive to the fair, passed many aggie/4-H kids coming in from small towns all over. Best bumper sticker on an old truck: "Keep honking: I'm reloading." Ahaha. Ha. Second best: "Hang up and DRIVE, idjit." That's country for ya. Love it. I go with my folks so I can dork out at all of the exhibits that bore the kids to tears. Marilyn Monroe carved in butter! LIFE SIZED! All of the quilts and hooked rugs and jams and jellies and tools and gadgets and car show! I like going to the Junior Exhibits and seeing all of the neat-o things the little guys make, like steamboats out of toothpicks. Yes, I'm secretly an 87 year old woman.

We went to the Hans Mueller tent for brats and sauerkraut, and let me just say that it is not ideal to eat hot sauerkraut on a day that climbed to 94 degrees. That... that should be enough on that topic. I did get my super awesome cleaner that I buy at the fair every other year (because it lasts that long, DUDE.) saw Big Tex, saw more people with fewer teeth (obligatory country music concert joke __here__) and skirted the aggie tent because again, hot. Hot manure + sauerkraut on the belly = you can wait for a cooler day to coo over pigs and goats and horsies, Stoney.

I'm hoping to get to the fair when anelith comes to visit - we'll have to play it by ear. I'm not sure if that's her idea of a good time. :)

Okay, wrapping up this ramble fest. How is everyone today? *beams at you all* Oh! It's superplin's birthday! Happy birthday!
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