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For the record... (zomg opinionation!)

Swear to god (of your choice), this is not directed at any one person. This has been building for a long time, and I'm putting my opinion out here, since that's what this space is for. If this horribly offends you, do us both a favor and defriend me. Swear to nachos and margaritas I won't mind. (That should tell you how serious I am, for that is the food of my people and my Higher Power.)

  • George Bush is not a Texan. He does not represent my people. He represents the other assholes that moved here because we have inexpensive housing and low taxes, and doeesn't know the first thing about the state I love. Go Kinky.
  • Southern does not equal stupid. Even though we talk slower. (Well, not East Texans. We talk fast.) Even though some of us add extra syllables. It's called local color. Some find it charming.
  • Even though I am not one, Christians aren't all evil. They aren't all assholes. Some are. Some atheists and Jews are assholes. But not Buddhists. They're all divine. Ha ha ha.
  • Some poor people are great. Some are assholes. Same with rich people.
  • People who enjoy the simple things in life aren't "missing out." Some are, but they'll yearn to break free. Some will. Some will not.
  • Just because you say you are open minded doesn't mean you are. If you automatically think something is dumb, or unworthy before you've explored it in some fashion, you have just closed your mind to the possibility that it may not be what you thought. Hence, "close minded."
  • If you think people who don't live/think/believe like you do are less/inferior/missing out, you are not open minded. Sure, you may be right when it comes to things we've all decided on as a society (slavery is wrong. Rape is bad. Etc.) but if they are law abiding citizens, who the hell are you to make judgment calls on their life?
  • I may be guilty of one or all of these things. But I can at least acknowledge that.

Thank you, and enjoy your weekend. I'm off to associate with Republicans, Mormons, and two foul mouthed stand up comics while eating Mexican food and drinking covert margaritas while the Republicans and Mormons aren't looking. I'll hug each of them when I say goodnight, and love them all the same. Well, not the Mormons. They're fucking crazy.

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