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I'm WALKIN' here! [/New Yorker]

Miles walked Fri-Sun = 30.6

  • Miles walked Today = 10.2 + 4 in another hour
  • Pairs of socks = 5 (I've started changing them half-way through. >_<
  • Blisters = none. Woot! Let's hear it for letting your feet hit hobbit proportions... I long for a pedicure.
  • Deodorant sticks = 3. Have moved to prescription strength. TMI?
  • Number of cars that have almost run me over while walking in a protected crosswalk = 3
  • Number of drivers on MOTHER FUCKING CELL PHONES = 3
  • Number of hoods I have banged on after being honked at by said drivers on their cell phones = 1
  • People I'm walking for (at last count) = 43 and still counting. :) One of my flisters is getting a complete mastectomy this Friday. THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL, yes indeedy.

Want to get involved? You can donate (to either me or a general donation) or you can look for walks in your area. Also: CHECK YOUR BOOBS. The sooner found, the sooner that lump is gone. Age, lifestyle, family history has no bearing, ladies. (And gents.) We're all susceptible!

A big shout out to crevette who's 3 Day is this weekend. She's who inspired me to get involved, and her posts about 'ain't no funk like a 3 day funk, 'cause a 3 day funk don't stop!' inspired me to get the prescription deodorant. Hahahaha! *cheers her on*

It is hot and dry and no breeze today (that's how it feels, at least) so forgive me for not being peppy. I'm officially out of pep today. Lookin' for some pep, should you find some to spare. Or pink lemonade flavored Gatorade. I'd take that.

[ETA] Oh, forgot to mention that our local High School and UT are keeping my faith in football. COWBOYS, YOU ARE ON NOTICE. That was ABYSMAL. And I completely forgot to mention a2zmom's birthday this weekend, so I fail at everything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROBIN! *hearts you tunz, underline, underline*
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