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This is what you call a DISTRACTION.

First, update on my cat, Scrappy: There is no news. No shelters, vets, clinics, neighbors have seen him. The Neighbors next door didn't answer their door until an hour ago, when I ambushed the husband coming back from an errand. He says he didn't see him, so I'm going to take him at his word. I've been feeing horrible inside for automatically assuming the worst, and while I kind of have reason, I hate hate HATE feeling ugly like that inside. So. Posters went up around the neighborhood today with a picture, and entrenous88 had a great idea about online search groups, so I'm trying to find one of those.

I have no news, but I am so grateful for the hugs and kind thoughts for us yesterday - I don't think I'll reply to the comments yesterday, just because I couldn't sleep last night and I am trying to keep from obsessing about it, so hopefully you'll understand. I do appreciate the nice thoughts and well wishes, so thank you.

On to the distraction portion of this post... TV TALK. Omg, there's been some good TV and some seriously MEH TV. First with the meh.

Studio 60
Man, I'm done with this show. It's boring, first of all. It's not clever second of all. It's like Aaron Sorkin dug out old West Wing scripts and just did a seek/replace with names. IT ISN'T THAT IMPORTANT. The jokes are old and lame, I cannot STAND the Harriet character - I have this thing against woman-child archetypes in general. I see nothing interesting about her, except that the show wants me to THINK she's interesting and clever and funny. But she isn't. Neither are the "writers." Jesus Christ, it's like they didn't realize those Oscar ceremony "Writer" bits that The Daily Show and Late Night With Conan O'Brien do every year are a JOKE. And they're modeling the "writing staff" on that. Matt Perry is fun to watch, and his interaction with "Benny" DANNY is fun, but that's not what the show is, and so? NEXT. (man, I'm so uninterested that I can't remember people's NAMES. Sheesh.)


Yeah, I'm a day late. Sorry. BUT! I like how much grittier it's getting and the ENDING! Awesome. I have to say that I'm a fan of those kind of cliffhanger endings, even though I want the next ep NOW, PLEASE. Still not interested in Ali Larter's Niki character. Still unclear with her "alter-ego" that's violent and appears to only whisper and smirk in mirrors. That's a pretty irritating super power. Love the cop who can hear and the Invisible Chick from Buffy! Heh. I love seeing those one time characters outside of the show. Because I'm a dork. Mohinder still is the stupidest paranoid scientist who trusts everyone, which blows the paranoid element, but he's pretty, so I forgive. Still bugged by Twig with Waif Hair that digs him. STILL LOVE HIRO. He accepts the change fully. Such a fanboy. :) Enjoying this show, but wish they didn't try and cram so much in to each episode- it gets confusing and I feel like I'm getting a whiff, not a full on sniff.

The cheerleader pulling a chicken foot out of her brain is freaking awesome, and her wanna be boyfriend was fully creepy. Love that character.

Friday Night Lights

Number one, if you missed it, well. Ahem. Also, I've made more screencaps here. I'm not the best, I know, but I'm getting the hang of it. The caps to Ep 1 are also linked there, btw. What did I love about this? How about how yeah, they have some standard archetypes in the show, but it WORKS. Because they've taken the time to set up some background on these people. Smash is the little Prince of his house. No wonder he thinks he can do anything. His momma probably told him he could since he was a baby. To the detriment of his sisters, yeah. But that's real. And how awesome was his mother's smart mouth when she busted Smash and Slut White Girl who's name I can't remember? "Messing with the Devil and White Women." And Slut: I'm not a cheap whore. "No, you're all class." Hahaha. AWESOME.

I love that we don't really know why Tim's an ass - but we do know his brother isn't impressed with him. And those two riding in the pick up shooting at nothing in a field? GOD. I love this show. Lyla praying with her broken man. That took me right back to living in Utah. That's creepy, although I know it gives people pleasure. BAD MEMORIES. And I can see that couple in twenty years, married, him walking, and them telling people that he's walking because of her force of will, and them beaming at each other, and it being a pyramid scheme business meeting or something.

And I've been thinking about the first ep, and how Coach Taylor treated Jason Street like his equal. How he told Jason he deserved a win, and Jason gave the same sentence back to him, on equal footing. How in this ep, Jason told Coach about how Matt likes Bob Dylan and is an artist. Gave the Coach tips on what to do. And Coach listened to him. (And the scene with them telling each other how much they meant to each other, but in guy speak? Waaaaaaah.)

The scenes where Matt didn't want Coach Taylor coming in and seeing his house, his bizarre grandma... About broke my heart. (And his meemaw grabbing a dry cinnamon roll and putting it on china for Coach???) And then when Coach told him to be proud because he was the man of the house, etc? *bawls* BOYS. Why do you break me so with your stoicism?? God damn, I believe in Saracen. I BELIEVE IN #7. He can do it. Good lord, I'm thinking they're real people, that's how good this show is. WATCH IT! DO not let my most favorite new show of the season be cancelled, people! (And brandil: the BFF of Matt is TOTALLY a poor man's Matt Damon. Totally.)

Looking for a community for this show? Join fridaynight_tv. So far, there's just a few of us, but it'll build!

Veronica Mars.

HATING the music in the intro. Hate. HATE HATE HATE. It feels off beat until the last 10 seconds, for starters. I don't mind the new graphics - I kind of like that they're a bit more grownup, but I cannot stress how much the music is WRONG. Blah.

Something's off this season, too. Like... it's catering to a younger audience or something. Does everyone's affiliate have a group of young girls "dishing" about what we've just seen on the commercial breaks? Maybe that's what it is. STOP IT, CW. I dun lyk eet. I love Logan, want more of his snark. I love Veronica and Mac, I want more of them working together. I love Wallace and his new ROOMMATE, oh hee, he's FUNNY. And has a mouth. I am VERY CONCERNED about Keith's moral standing, and I haven't even speculated on what on EARTH is going on with him. Harumph. And up until last night's ep, I thought Kendall wasn't really dead - but all a part of a bit ploy. But I have NO IDEA what's going on. I plan on re-watching later, because I'm sure I missed stuff. WHERE IS WEEVIL? Lamb - there should be more of him!

(The boy wetting himself made me sad for him. And you could tell Logan was sad for him, but disgusted, too. Which... yeah. GOOD LORD.)

Oh, hey. Who missed any eps of The Office this season? I have episode 1, 2 and 3 left from uploading them for my sis. Take 'em while they're available. Tonight is 30 ROCK!! Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin and I loooooove them both, so I am hoping so hard that this show kicks ass. *crosses fingers* And Project Runway finale! I've fallen back in love with Television! (It's been a few years...)

[eta] Just finished 30 Rock and it's funny. It's FUNNY. There's a lot of meta, too, which makes me laugh. A few slow spots, but I laughed at several places, so YAY! on tonight at 8/9pm C/E on NBC.
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