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This morning I had a parent teacher conference at 7:20, so I incorporated my walk with going and coming from the school. As I got back to my house, Mr. S and I saw a large white dog running ACROSS THE STREET, panicked. ACK! Whistled, called, clapped, and she finally ran towards us while Mr. S slowed traffic. White Doberman, docked ears/tail, sweet as pie (and it looks like she's had a litter recently. :(((

We walk to our house to put her in the backyard while we call around and see who's missing this GORGEOUS and friendly dog. I run to the back to make sure Darthanne isn't back there terrorizing mockingbirds, when WHO SHOULD LEAP OVER THE FENCE IN A BLIND PANIC??


That little bastard. Theory: this dog has obviously been running for several days. Scrappy is terrified of dogs. Scrappy thus hid until said dog was no longer a threat. Which is funny now, because said dog is in our backyard waiting for the vet across the street to open so we can get her checked for a microchip, etc. Scrappy and Hope are holed up at my feet, and the static electricity coming off them could generate a small city. BUT. CAT. HOME. Hungry. FILTHY. But home. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!! The little shit.

THANK YOU to all of you who sent good wishes and hugs. OBVIOUSLY IT WORKED!! I do believe in karma, I do I do I do! [/Cowardly Lion]

In other news, anelith is due to arrive in a few hours which is exciting. The kids have no school today for some insane reason. There are a few loads of laundry to be finished and a floor to be mopped before I have company. There is a beautiful and sweet dog in my backyard that will hopefully have a chip (no tags? She had NO street smarts. Bad owners! BAD!) and we can put her back with her family. If not... I'm naming her Clarice. (She's white, she has a lamb shape, and she's quiet. Quid pro quo.) Hahaha.

YAY FRIDAY!! I have my fingers crossed (and eyes and toes and spleen and ) for sockmonkeyhere for her surgery today, and a REMINDER TO ALL FEMALES: breast check. Early detection saves LIVES. If you find a lump, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. *huge karma balloon for Rebecca* And speaking of a good cause... crevette is now a few miles in on HER 3-Day. 20 miles every day until Sunday. Irene! No more Bataan Death March Cheerleader! No more sore feet! Soon... *cheers like mad*


[ETA] update on White Doberman - has a name, Syndey. She lives TWO DOORS DOWN with a male of the same breed. The owner is at work, so our vet is hanging on to her until he gets home. It's a good day for pets in my town today!
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