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1. I am alive, but barely. (had the headache from Hades that laid me low for 24 hours, not to mention toothache HAHA, WORLD. *grumble*)
2. I am out of coffee AND milk, which is unacceptable. This will be remedied within the hour.
3. Because of #1, I only walked 7 miles today, because I'm all weak and fluttery, and I have a BLISTER. I have arrived at the circle of tough, people. *beams* also, *puts moleskin on it*
4. I have decided that only sunshine and puppies are allowed to enter my world today, for there is too much woe and it is laying me low, y'all
5. A good example is daytime television, which I was forced to watch (on mute with subtitles) yesterday. *cries bitterly*
6. I remember when Oprah Winfrey was a respected journalist. Obviously she has forgotten. Good. Lord.
7. Because I was trapped under the weight of woe and talk shows and headaches that wouldn't go away, I completely spaced that yesterday was my sister's birthday. I LOSE AT EVERYTHING.

  • She is smart and sassy
  • She is talented beyond belief (art, singing and music - isn't that artwork AMAZING??)
  • She is my good friend and I count on her advice and trust her opinion
  • She is funny as hell and loves my kids
  • She knows that "pull my finger" can always be funny, especially in church.
  • She is dating Christ. Hahaha. Inside jokes are fun. For two people.
  • She knows that anything can be funny. ANYTHING. Anything. No, seriously. The darker, the funnier. This is why we laugh at each other's jokes. But not many others. I WILL ALWAYS LAUGH AT YOUR JOKES, BETH! Unless they are stupid, in which case, I am ASHAMED OF YOU.
  • Beth, I love you times a million. My love is forty-four woodpeckers and twelve buildings. Hahahaha. More with the inside jokes:D

8. I had the LOVELIEST house guest this weekend, anelith who would have been adopted officially by the whole fam if not for her having a family already. Emily pranced and preened around her, #2 wrote stories and slid them under her nose, The Boy demonstrated all of his Lego knowledge and wished she had been able to slip her kids in to the suitcase as well. She is TEENY. I'm talking wee bird tiny. Which made me squish her gently but firmly. She has the prettiest voice, too. I swear, the woman could do commercial work. Very sweet and gentle woman, but with a ferocious intelligence and passion for politics and I could have talked to her for days. Talk about a fascinating life... *heart eyes at her*

Which makes me feel terrible to realize that the chile rellenos I made for dinner Saturday night (when crazydiamondsue was there) were too spicy and I burned their SOULS. Um, apparently I cannot be held accountable for measuring heat any longer, for they seemed mild to me. My mouth is broken!!

Oh, Anne. Such a sweetheart. We would love to have you move in with us, such a good time was had.
9. I caught up on TV, and I love Heroes. I love Friday Night Lights, and I wish more people watched it. I will put up a link later, to HELP YOU WATCH IT. I love Veronica Mars. WEEVIL! In a tie! But needing to hit the treadmill, omg.

And now I go in search of coffee. HAPPY DAYS, PEOPLE! [/Potsy Webber] Oh!! TONIGHT IS 30 ROCK! *cough* I can share that, too, if you can't catch it. AND PROJECT RUNWAY! *noises only a dog can hear*


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Oct. 18th, 2006 03:18 pm (UTC)
I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT PR TONIGHT!! Though, after seeing pics of Michael's collection on the internet and in last week's episode, I'm of the "OMGWTF MICHAEL?!?!?" confusion. Also? I *heart* Laura. It took me awhile to warm up to her but now, I looooooove her and her "you don't pull craftmanship like that out of your ass." Oh Laura.
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:46 pm (UTC)
I KNOW. I saw them, too, and URGH. Just... MICHAEL. WHat was he thinking??? I can't wait to see how it goes down. LAURA. Ive warmed to her, too. ALthough her children give me hives. TOO MUCH.

Hi, Lee!!!!
Oct. 18th, 2006 03:28 pm (UTC)
*sends you sunshine and puppies*
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
Heeeeeee heeeeee!!! Love the bumblebee pup.

HI LYNNE!! You were mentioned many times, and Sue and I both sighed with love each time. HEART.
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Oct. 18th, 2006 03:31 pm (UTC)
1. Toothache? Aarrgh! Get that fixed but quick, because it only leads to more woe and that will conflict with number 4.

2. Coffee is a staple. Good luck with your caffeine resupply endeavors.

3. Blister! Ow. Literally, trouble from head to toe. I wonder if moleskin helps a headache...(I love that moleskin, by the way--miracle of modern science, that).

4. Okay. So, it's not sunshine and puppies, but it cracks me up something fierce: Nietzsche Family Circus. It works way too well for it to be mere coincidence.

5. I...I have no words to ease your pain. I am so very sorry.

6. No effin' joke. It kills me, it does. I'm all for girls squealing with glee in each other's company, but there is a time and a place. Erk. Bleah.

7. Go, Sister! Happy belated birthday. And to add to the inside-jokedness, I once actually (God help me) dated a Christ-mime. I can expound upon request.

8. Good houseguests know that even when the food can be used to peel paint off destroyer hulls, it was made with the greatest love and care. It's okay. These things happen. Chiles come with no "hey, this is how badly I'll make you cry!" labels, and you takes your chances. Ow.

9. Sooooo faaaar behind on TV. I just stick to Mythbusters and The Daily Show. Enjoy the TVness! Squeee away!
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:05 pm (UTC)
once actually (God help me) dated a Christ-mime. I can expound upon request.

Wait, WHAT? Like, did he/she mime the Crucifixion or the feeding of the 5000? Whoa.
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Oct. 18th, 2006 03:32 pm (UTC)

*sends you lots of happiness and joy*

Yesterday's unplesantness excluded, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with house guests that are made of awesome!
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
*takes it by the bushel*

I DID! I had a great weekend with chatter and friends and food and scary movies and more food and more talk and FUN FUN FUN. Awww. I love friends. :)
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
See, that is CLEARLY how I see it, too. The end is nigh! Except I called the RUssian and he had a visit from the roater yesterday, so I will have delicious arabica from the jungles of Sumatra within moments!

I should have realized that the burns on my hands from HANDLING the peppers meant that they were a mite... spicy. But they were troupers and just refilled their glasses! Meep.
Oct. 18th, 2006 03:42 pm (UTC)

*love* the moleskin!
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:41 pm (UTC)
*squishes back*

It is VOONDERBAH. But I've not had to use it until today. Wassup, feets? *shakes fist at appendages*
Oct. 18th, 2006 03:42 pm (UTC)
I've been feeling poorly myself, something closely resembling flu but out of season, but since the weather was good Monday and Tuesday I bustled about doing laundry and yard-clean up and fall housecleaning. Today it poors rain and I plan to go back to bed as soon as I rid the house of XY-types and be properly ill, with Kleenex and daytime TV.

Or, you know, go pick some (Thompkins) Kings and make a pie or something.

Julia, this assumes the bull is elsewhere, as he's snorty as hell, possibly due to harrassment from the idjit neighbor kids who are supposedly my cousins
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:40 pm (UTC)
Oh, no. I'm so sorry you're sick. Nothing worse than feeling poorly with things to do. If you could just tune out for a good 48 hours, I bet you'd feel right as rain.

pie. Mmmm. I hope that cures what ails you. In the interim, HUGS.
... - julia_here - Oct. 18th, 2006 06:23 pm (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:39 pm (UTC)
GLAH!!!!! Oh, baby puppers with their pink tums and wiggles.

YOU WIN. My heart. *beams*
... - psychoadept - Oct. 18th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 18th, 2006 03:46 pm (UTC)
Update on fundraising? How're you doing?
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:17 pm (UTC)
HI HI! I'm back! *shines spotlight on self*

I missed you, darling~~ like Homer misses jelly donuts, like mosquitoes miss fresh blood, like the sun misses the moon... er, something.


I have about a million photos, plus even video clips to share with people. You've lucked out for being in Texas at the moment, for if you were here, I would chew off you ear for hours on all things Shanghai (as coworker this morning can attest) and then strap you to a chair and show you slideshows and home movies for the rest of the day.

So, wow! Things haven't been dead with me gone, have they? ;) I'm so proud of you and your WALK For A Cause! And happy to hear that you finally got to meet Anne!
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC)

I want to be within chewing distance! I want to hear all the tales, see all the pics, smell all the... No, yeah. I DO want to smell all the smells of SHanghai!!

*loves forever, like OMG whoa* I want to hear all that you have the energy to talk about!!!!!

*leaps like a Jack Russell terrier*
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:20 pm (UTC)
Regarding FNL - would you be interested in co-moderating a download comm? I was thinking about it last night. Let me know.
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:34 pm (UTC)

Email me your thoughts, when you get a moment, k? Also, have just added the file uptop. *beams*
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:29 pm (UTC)

Sorry to hear about the head- and toothache. I hope it's all gone.

I watched FNL for the first time last night. Loved it. Extremely well done and I felt for all of the characters. This will definitely be must see TV for me. Now I just have to catch the first two episodes.

I remember when Oprah Winfrey was a respected journalist.

Oprah Winfrey was a respected journalist? When did this happen?
Oct. 18th, 2006 04:38 pm (UTC)
Oooh. If you need those first two eps, lemme know. I've got them on disc and can YSI them, if you want.

Wasn't she someone to admire inthe 80s? Am I making that up? Then she got her book cluub and her show turned into PTA with wine spritzers or something. GAH. Painful. Just painful. And the audience laps up the hubris.

And I am CRACKING UP at your Dick icon. Ahahaha. Oh, Dick. I love you.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 18th, 2006 05:01 pm (UTC)
I think my body just dumped all the stress from the previous week into my skull once I got home from the airport. But I am well, and I am so glad to hear you've been migraine free!!

WE LOVED YOU. Can't be said enough. And isn't Beth's work neat? There's a name for it, and I've forgotten. A movie was just made with the same tecniques... A Scanner Darkly? Not to mention her paintings, etc. *is so proud*

And I am BLOWN AWAY by that article!! Wow. I had no idea! His artwork always humored me while I looked at it, but I never went beyond that. Yeah, Joe Kubert is one of the sources! *boggles*
... - xochitl42 - Oct. 18th, 2006 05:06 pm (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 18th, 2006 05:51 pm (UTC)
I reattached my vcr just so I could tape FNL (because I'm contractually and morally attached to Gilmore Girls). This involves small tvs, old vcrs and me having to use 3 (3!!!) remotes. But it works and I hope the show stays around long enough to justify it.

You are right; your sister is talented. Way talented.
Oct. 18th, 2006 06:09 pm (UTC)
She really, really is. *beams* SHe's in high school art textbooks!

And if you need the hookup with FNL, look above. I'll be sure and post the episode every week for I want this show to STICK AROUND!! :)
Oct. 18th, 2006 06:43 pm (UTC)
::loves you::

Is so tired, so will just sit and bask in your glowiness.
Oct. 19th, 2006 01:25 am (UTC)
loves you, too! I am sew tyred tonight, two.

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