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Hump Day. Dammit, that should MEAN something.

1. I am alive, but barely. (had the headache from Hades that laid me low for 24 hours, not to mention toothache HAHA, WORLD. *grumble*)
2. I am out of coffee AND milk, which is unacceptable. This will be remedied within the hour.
3. Because of #1, I only walked 7 miles today, because I'm all weak and fluttery, and I have a BLISTER. I have arrived at the circle of tough, people. *beams* also, *puts moleskin on it*
4. I have decided that only sunshine and puppies are allowed to enter my world today, for there is too much woe and it is laying me low, y'all
5. A good example is daytime television, which I was forced to watch (on mute with subtitles) yesterday. *cries bitterly*
6. I remember when Oprah Winfrey was a respected journalist. Obviously she has forgotten. Good. Lord.
7. Because I was trapped under the weight of woe and talk shows and headaches that wouldn't go away, I completely spaced that yesterday was my sister's birthday. I LOSE AT EVERYTHING.

  • She is smart and sassy
  • She is talented beyond belief (art, singing and music - isn't that artwork AMAZING??)
  • She is my good friend and I count on her advice and trust her opinion
  • She is funny as hell and loves my kids
  • She knows that "pull my finger" can always be funny, especially in church.
  • She is dating Christ. Hahaha. Inside jokes are fun. For two people.
  • She knows that anything can be funny. ANYTHING. Anything. No, seriously. The darker, the funnier. This is why we laugh at each other's jokes. But not many others. I WILL ALWAYS LAUGH AT YOUR JOKES, BETH! Unless they are stupid, in which case, I am ASHAMED OF YOU.
  • Beth, I love you times a million. My love is forty-four woodpeckers and twelve buildings. Hahahaha. More with the inside jokes:D

8. I had the LOVELIEST house guest this weekend, anelith who would have been adopted officially by the whole fam if not for her having a family already. Emily pranced and preened around her, #2 wrote stories and slid them under her nose, The Boy demonstrated all of his Lego knowledge and wished she had been able to slip her kids in to the suitcase as well. She is TEENY. I'm talking wee bird tiny. Which made me squish her gently but firmly. She has the prettiest voice, too. I swear, the woman could do commercial work. Very sweet and gentle woman, but with a ferocious intelligence and passion for politics and I could have talked to her for days. Talk about a fascinating life... *heart eyes at her*

Which makes me feel terrible to realize that the chile rellenos I made for dinner Saturday night (when crazydiamondsue was there) were too spicy and I burned their SOULS. Um, apparently I cannot be held accountable for measuring heat any longer, for they seemed mild to me. My mouth is broken!!

Oh, Anne. Such a sweetheart. We would love to have you move in with us, such a good time was had.
9. I caught up on TV, and I love Heroes. I love Friday Night Lights, and I wish more people watched it. I will put up a link later, to HELP YOU WATCH IT. I love Veronica Mars. WEEVIL! In a tie! But needing to hit the treadmill, omg.

And now I go in search of coffee. HAPPY DAYS, PEOPLE! [/Potsy Webber] Oh!! TONIGHT IS 30 ROCK! *cough* I can share that, too, if you can't catch it. AND PROJECT RUNWAY! *noises only a dog can hear*
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