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FNL screencaps

I've uploaded caps from 1x03 to my LJ gallery, which you can view here. And as always, should you make some icons, hey! I'd love to see them! :D

So this show gets better and better. I think they're going one direction (focusing on getting Saracen into real QB1 position) and then they pull out VooDoo. Is that the most perfect name for that character? He was giving me the wiggins. You could tell he was scared - hell, he was Jason Street before Katrina hit.

The whole idea of farming these kids out - the coach was there in the hotel room! - bothers me. But I like that they're being real. Matt drops Pre-Calc. I like that the Coach's wife is making him promise to pick it back up in the off season. MATT. I want more of that kid. He breaks my heaert with his honesty, in his lack of faith in himself, but his growing faith in the coach.

TIM. Oh, Tim. I want to know his story. I love that his brother isn't being hard on him because Tim's a bad kid, but his brother is an ass. And Tim's a bad kid. But not! Mrs. Street reminding him that he can come have Tuesday dinner, even though Jason's not there. How Tim always ALWAYS says "yes, ma'am" and "yes, sir." How he's best friends with the nicest and most likely To Be in the school, with the perfect Christian girlfriend, and he's the most messed up. Because that's how it is. I want to know what led him to the path of being an alcoholic cynic at the age of 17. (And the fact that coach made him walk home in the rain was awesome. Nice rebirth. I hope it sticks.)

Lyla. She gets on my nerves. EXCEPT that I love her character. And I think the first time she was really Lyla was when she was screaming at Tim "why won't you help me?" and then kissed him passionately. That's who she really is. (imo. Heh.) The guilt at finding urine on her boyfriend's leg and sheets. Jason's utter shame.

GOOD GOD this show is voyeristic. But in a totally good way. And for those of you that missed it, here's the ep. And for those of you that can't be convinced to watch a show based on superior acting, excellent writing, and formidable storytelling, how about a little eye candy?

I give you: Tim Riggins. (I'm totally into Matt, but I get that nice guys finish last around here.)

And the sweet kid who STOLE MY HEART, Matt Saracen. Ungh.

Heh. QB1 and nice guy? That's my type.

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