Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

To Do List and recipe request

  • remember to link tx_cronopio to fundraising page - almost there! ($200 in cash isn't showing yet)
  • make second pot of coffee
  • stare at something until caffeine kicks in
  • stare at this: =^.^=
  • stare at actual cat
  • ...sucker. They always win
  • make Nov. calendar for fridge - circle weekend of 7th - visit from C + C music factory?
  • realize that joke wasn't funny because no one knows you mean Chris and Chrissy
  • take meds
  • tag last entry
  • decongest
  • go to dentist appointment EARLY in hopes of them stopping excruciating pain sooner
  • stop by Central Market for parmesean rind for soup (recipe below)
  • finish laundry - WASH SHEETS, eww.
  • vacuum/sweep/mop
  • polish table - get ball point pen out of wood table
  • possibly beat children to remind them to NOT DRAW ON THE FURNITURE
  • create alibi in case they've wised up to CPS calling procedures
  • remember to put disclaimer in LJ that you don't ACTUALLY beat your children
  • much
  • ever! Never ever.
  • except for all the times you did
  • wash counters - use super awesome State Fair cleaner to get out stains
  • is that coffee ready yet?
  • stare at monitor
  • maybe Mahjongg until it's ready
  • call for estimates to dig up sod, till in compost for new front beds
  • because I am getting too old for this shit
  • laugh at cliche lines from movies
  • realize you are all alone laughing
  • the cats are staring
  • dammit. Darthanne is a GRAND CHAMPEEN
  • heh. Peen.
  • good god, do something about your hair
  • step away from the 'puter.
  • link the nice people to the best videos EVER - the GI Joe parody PSA vids, Jesus, it hurts laughing this hard! This one is clearly the funniest thing EVER IN THE HISTORY OF LAUGHING
  • No, wait. This one. Ahahahahaha. Ha.
  • Get coffee - no seriously. Get up and get it.
  • lay head down on desk and nap - sew tyred, ewe guise

Winter Minestrone - a.k.a. Mom Needs to Clean Out the Vegetable Drawer Soup

Swiss Chard, de-veined (chopped and added, too) and thinly julienned
1 acorn squash, quartered, roasted, peeled, chopped into cubes
yellow squash cubed
zucchini cubed
garlic cloves, cubed. Hahaha. chopped
roast two red peppers - cut into dodecahedrons. Or cubed, if you're LAZY.
cannelloni beans, drained
chicken stock (or veggie stock) to cover + an inch
Salt/pepper to taste

Bring to a boil, turn down to simmer for half hour. Add Parmesan cheese rind for 15 minutes to thicken, remove. Can freeze before cooking and adding cheese - will keep for 4 months in airtight container. Will keep for two days in non-airtight container. Will stain freezer and make disgusting mess if you just toss the stuff into the freezer sans any form of container. Also, seriously. IS THAT COFFEE DONE YET?

Anyone have biscuit/bread recipes that call for buttermilk that they love? I have excess buttermilk, and it's not like I'm gonna drink that stuff. DING! Coffee. *drags self to pot* OMG The Office tonight with Jim/Pam. Someone invent a time machine to speed this day UP.
Tags: random statements, recipes
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