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To all the kiddoes that came out to play last night, remember: what happens at karaoke night, stays in karaoke night.

Much love to crazydiamondsue </span> karabair  grifyn itsabigrock  hellziggy  and the hottest chick to ever rock a red jumpsuit, ropo .  Seriously, that icon is just awesome.

Since I have had no sleep in days, and have massive quantities of things to do, I must do the unthinkable: close the door to the computer room.  The siren song of LJ and Checkmated is too strong a pull for me.  And I realize how much of a dork I really am.  Jee-zus.


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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 9th, 2004 08:29 am (UTC)
I have a curfew too, but I COULDN'T STOP FINDING LYRICS TO CHEESY 80s SONGS. I'm paying for it today. Maybe the kids can find their own food if I leave the pantry......... zzzzzzz.

And day-glo green fuzzy balls are TOTALLY AWESOME. And I'll take 2 pumps of cheese on those nachos, please.

Is it wrong that I like writing smut? Enjoy reading it more, but I know what you mean about the non-verbal. And I just found out that my first ever story won an award at vamp-kiss. I'm sure it's by default, meaning no one else was nominated for that award. "Sweet Dreams?" One of those "throw it to her and make her go away" things.

Will read chpt 8! I really dig that tale, BTW. Tell elcazavampiros to update! Wait, has he and I just haven't gone to his LJ? Scratch the yelling.
Sep. 9th, 2004 09:52 am (UTC)
i read that thread earlier and couldn't stop laughing. but i ask you, where was JOURNEY???? if i had been at home rocking the LJ instead of at work, there would have been journey. and cher because i do a wicked version of "turn back time."
Sep. 9th, 2004 10:24 am (UTC)
Don't stop... Believing.
Now I've got : oh oh OHHHHHHHHHH!!! in my head.

Good times. We'll send out advance notice for the next one, and make it so you can be there. I was pounding my fist on the table with the hilarity of it all. Have you been to storage_space recently? I love Milicent Bullstrode.
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