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Kill me. Shoot me now. Also: GIP. Hahahaha.

miles walked Saturday: 22.1
Sunday: 18.6
Monday: 16.3
Tuesday: 17.45 (plus one more when I get the kids)

You remember how you could pull the legs off of Barbie? So I did that to more than one doll once, then got the legs scrambled up, and they didn't fit right? That's how my legs feel right now. Oh, Aleve... I love you so. Also, HUGE THANKS to those of you that made donations to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day - I've exceeded my goal! Which means that YOU can say you contributed directly to some woman's medical care during her breast cancer treatment. YAY CAKES!

This is the level of smarts I'm currently capable of, so I'm off to fill a tub with hot water and Epsom salts, because I'm secretly 87, and finally get some lunch. I am HONgray. Tonight is Friday Night Lights which you ALL SHOULD BE WATCHING, for it's awesome. Speaking of awesome, HOW GREAT IS HEROES??? I swear, it just gets better and better. Oh, question, which is a spoiler for those of you who didn't watch last night: so was Niki's husband coming OUT of the wall? So he may be "special" too? And I'm super proud of myself for calling Peter's power - he's a mimic! Awesome. Right, like we didn't all know that, but remember me? Pointing to cow and not getting it. TIE. ERD.

Studio 60 was so amazingly boring and irritating (like the idea that racial differentiation in stand up is a Bad Thing is new?? Chris Rock made fun of that shit on SNL and on his HBO show over 10 years ago. And the "thoughtful" comic that we were supposed to be impressed by? Um, it sounded like an NPR bit. WHY DO THERE HAVE TO BE RACIAL JOKES IN STANDUP? Oh, you DON'T need them. GAH.) And done. DONE. Besides, Comedy Central airs Scrubs at that time, so woooot!
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