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The most awesome day off, ever.

#1: It's raining. Yay! #2: I don't have to walk today. #3: I may get sushi for lunch. Or soup. see: the world, my oyster. #4: I have a new Paste CD to listen to. #5: Read a very hot and hilarious Stephen Colbert/Steve Carrell fic this morning by annakovsky It must be read, people. #6: I dreamed about a mix of Scrubs and Friday Night Lights and it worked. IT WORKED. Speaking of FNL...

I love being confrontational in cut-tags. Hahaha. Ha. Just me? Okay, then. So, the show is KICKING MY BUTT with how much I love it. First, we have how REAL it is.

Matt Saracen and his shit life. It is. It is SHIT. His dad is in a horrible war (where is his mom??) and has not a lot of faith in him - it didn't seem like they connect, right? His grandma is practically a 24/7 job (oh, her crying and hiding against his neck "Don't let anyone see me, Matt!" "I won't Grandma."), and he's a KID. But god, is he a great kid. He can't think when Julie is around (I aww'd so many times last night...) he wear COWBOY BOOTS and jeans (*points to self* Texan. That totally works for me.) and stammers when he's nervous, he automatically thinks he's no good, but he KEEPS ON TRYING. And it still doesn't matter. Yep, just like real life. I can't express how much I love that this show pulls no punches. A typical show would have him get the starting position. Because the coach believes in him. Which... I think he kind of does. Like, Coach Taylor thinks that Saracen could be a decent QB in a few years.

But let's face it - this town has the coach by the short hairs, and VooDoo is friggin' amazing. And a complete asshole. Which is totally how it would be.

And how great is it that the quadriplegic b-ball player snickered at Lyla's unsureness at shaking his stump? Pulls no punches. I love this show.

OH. Realism: the coach and his wife bickering under the table (and how great is Taylor's ass? Rawr.) during the party, and her saying she'll just stay down there for a few more minutes until she can pop up with a smile on her face like he needs, and I HAVE BEEN UNDER THAT TABLE SAYING THE SAME THING. And while Mr. S has a nice ass, it's not Coach Taylor nice. Hahaha.

Matt and Julie are the cutest thing ever and make me so VERY GLAD that I am not dating, because that nervousness and awkwardness and "how do I say something and not sound like an idiot?" part of my life is OVER. Except for the not saying something and coming off like an idiot, because that is genetic with me. But his smile at the dance recital? (And Coach's realization that he gave this kid permission to hit second base with his daughter unknowingly? Hahahaha. I loved the shot of him hugging Julie tight and giving Matt a warning look. Awesome.)

Can I just get this out: boys moaning make Stoney go BOOM. Oh my fucking god, Tim Riggins MOANING "Lyla" with need and there's your pantyfan moment, RIGHT THERE oh my dear god. It's been pretty obvious (to me at least) that Tim's crushed on Lyla since the pilot. She's the good girl he doesn't deserve. She'll grow up and be Jason's mom - sweet, loving, taking stray ducklings under her wing and giving them much needed mothering and love - and she's a bright, clean star. And for Lyla, he has legs. He has a future. And he's warm and there and probably grinds his crotch gently against hers while they were on her bed, and Jason has too much respect for her, but Tim WANTS her, it's not just her being there for someone and his lips are full and his hands....

I'm sorry, drifted off for a minute. I'd want to make out with Tim, but I'd want to end up with Matt. And never tell Matt that I'd made out with Tim. ...could someone write me a reality check? Make it out to "Get a life, Stoney." Thaaaaaaanks.

In conclusion, the show rocks. I'll probably amend this post after lunch to include the dl file for the ep and maybe screencaps, for those who want. WATCH FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

#7: I'm having a good hair day IN SPITE OF THE RAIN, #8: am planning on sitting at the ol' PC and do some WRITING, which makes me happy.

Have excellent Hump Days, Chiclets!
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