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Wanna know what's awesome? Warning - mild freak out.

Here's what's awesome: getting your period a week early. Why is this awesome? Because I'll be using porta-potties for the next three days and camping with strangers. YAY, LIFE! *punches life square in the nuts* Speaking of using porta-potties and duck-walking to them to avoid repeating the Incident of Ninth Grade Horror. Mr. Scotty? Set sarcasm phasers to KILL.

So I'm beginning to freak out. I don't know ANYONE there. Okay, I'm pretty chatty. I'll make friends. Or "friends." But most of these people are on teams - they've been training for months, fundraising for months, and I signed up on a whim in September. Granted, I don't regret raising the money for cancer research and treatment, spamming y'all's LJs with Breast Cancer Awareness info and all of that, just...
  • What if my tentmate (randomly selected) snores? Or has bed poots that make me gag? Or is irritated by my constantly running to the Porta-Potties in the middle of the night to check the torpedos?
  • WHAT IF I HAVE AN "ACCIDENT" while walking? Good god, I am NOT going to be this event's Uta Pippig. *shudders*
  • What if my family doesn't come to cheer me on because my MOTHER IN LAW continues with her Sunday plans to take the kids to a "pumpkin patch?" I swear, Mr. S will be sleeping in the cat box if that happens.
  • What if I'm lonely? Waaaaaaah. OKAY I'M IRRITATING MYSELF, SO I'M GOING TO STOP NOW.

On the other hand, I feel strong. I don't have any doubt that I can walk 20 miles a day for three days straight. My muscles are primed and ready, I have Aleve for nighttime aches, my feet are good. I'm a hiker and camper in the outback from way back, so I'm not worried about being "cold." Because this is friggin' TEXAS. I can handle 50 degrees in the morning. I'm not bringing a cot, just the bag. And forty million Kotex. FUCK.

Good lord, I need a laugh now. Hahaha, Oh Kids in the Hall. Always good for a laugh. I pinch your face! Today's job: hydrate. Oh, Vitamin Water. I love you so. I will nap. I will pack. I will make sure I have an extra tarp (thanks, crevette). I will take a short 5 mile walk to limber up. I will repeatedly punch my womb. And tonight? The Office. And later, a creepy movie with Mr. S when he gets home, "A Tale Of Two Sisters." Eeeeek!

*deeeeeeeeep inhale* Okay. Time for this emo-kid to cheer up. In positive news, this is the last time you'll hear me talk about gearing up for this walk-a-thon, so yay you! :D
Tags: humilations galore, walk-a-thon
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