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Today I go get a checkup to make sure my left Achilles is just strained and not torn. YAY. While I'm gone, you all should check out some of the AWESOME fics that are coming in for the sitcomathon!

Here are the ones I've read and thought were particularly entertaining:

An absolutely WONDERFUL Arrested Development fic bysloganeer
A funny Office fic where Dwight organizes the office and Jim calls Pam and makes a bet by angryhaiku
Oh, say someone wrote a gen Scrubs fic. :)

Keep your eyes posted on the Masterlist - the deadline for posting is tomorrow, and there should be 40ish fics in total. (There are... 5 in right now? 6?)

And guys, if you read someone's fic and liked it, it takes TWO SECONDS* to type "Hahahaha" or "Funny" or "I liked this!" Feedback is nice.
* may actually take you ten seconds or more, depending on individual typing speed.

(Tonight's new Office! And last night's 30Rock made me love Alec Baldwin even MORE. I just wish Tina Fey was better at hitting comedy highs. She's a writer, not a performer. But the show is still funny.)
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