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SO BLUE. And so I rec. And pimp.

I am a TOOL. Just, heads up. So I just had a crying session (complete with trembly pout! Go me!) because I can't exercise. My STOOPID fugging Achilles is a red-hot fire poker in my leg as soon as I put on shoes with a back. I have slip on "running shoes" which is to say, I have mules by New Balance that make it easy for me to hit the grocery store. Exercise in them? Riiiiiiight. All of that strength I built up, all of the toning and POWER I felt from working out is just pffffft. Gone. IT COULD BE SIX WEEKS TO RECOVER. BAH.

Wah, wah, some people have no legs, I know. But GOD DAMN. Exercise is my therapy. How I get my day started right. It's as important as my cup of coffee and newspaper, and I'm nothing if not a creature of habit. And it HURTS. (My foot, not my wanky crybaby soul. Ha ha.) I tried to just walk the kids to school, like I do EVERY DAY and I couldn't. FUCK. I feel like I'm letting my kids down by changing the schedule - that's how I make sure THEY have a good day, too. Walk to school, talk about our day, etc. It's how I encourage them to move and be healthy, too. WAAAAH. God, I'm embarrassing myself.

(Swear to god, the first person that says "take a break! You deserve it!" or "but you just did that huge walk, you're fine" is getting a lame New Balance 485 in stylish grey and pink up their kiester.) I"M LIKE BUFFY IN THE HOSPITAL, TRYING TO SAVE PEOPLE BUT UNABLE. Ahahaha. Ha ha. Okay, laughing at myself is good. but I totally am like her. Hee hee!

[ETA!] Have just tested out the elliptical treadmill, and it's a GO. Which is very gratifying. But I like being outside. But I'm being a WHINER McBitcherson, which means I should shaddup. Yay, Nordictrack!

And I just got the arthritis cream the doc gave me in my EYE OH MY GOD OW OWOWOW. You know what this calls for? LAUGHING. Lots and lots of laughing. And good fic! GOOD THING I KNOW WHERE SOME IS. This ficathon* I joined has turned out some FANTASTIC FIC. Like sitcoms like Newsradio? Scrubs? Friends? Sports Night? Kitchen Confidential? The Office? How about HITCHKIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, people?? So much goodness. I read almost all of the fics this weekend. There were a few that had crappy formatting, and I just couldn't do it. I don't care if it's the Holy Grail of fic, if it's a solid block of letters, I won't read it. The masterlist is here, and these are the ones I thought were especially awesome:

(there are no Sports Night fics listed, because I never watched the show, but they appear to be well received. Check the masterlist for those fics.)
*this is the FIRST ficathon I've participated in where the requester actually commented to the fic written for them. So, it's now my favorite ficathon EVER. Plus the whole high quality fic thing.
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