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fer 'Merkins: Rock the Vote! and a list (for me)

Or Roll the Vote. Unless you're a little bit country, then Country the Vote. See why country music is lame? That doesn't sound right. In all fairness, neither does Zydeco the Vote. Although you would get way more points in Scrabble for that. Possibly a triple word score. I took advantage of Early Voting last week to avoid standing in long lines with Right Wing Christians (sorry if you're one - I don't like the eye rolling I get from my "Go Kinky" t-shirt.) Now, while I don't think Kinky's going to win, I vote my conscious every voting year. Which my dad mocks me for. Every voting year. I hate seeing voting like moves on a chess board. I vote who I want to win, and nothing pisses me off like someone telling me I wasted my vote.

NOT VOTING IS WASTING A VOTE. [/end voting discussion] Except that ANYONE BUT RICK PERRY is going to be a win. I hate that em eff. And I don't use that word often.

I gotta get moving today, and I found out that my satellite provider has Sirius Satellite built in! No, I don't feel dumb that I've had this for two years and just realized that Alternative Nation with my most favorite DJ ever (George Gimarck) has been with me ALL ALONG. I feel like Dorothy when Glenda said she had the power to get home all along. Which, that needs to be modernized. So Dorothy pulls an AK-47 out of her wee doggie basket and stock-butts Glenda in the gut for making her almost DIE. I mean, Scarecrow was assaulted! "They took some of me out and put me over there! And then they took some of my stuffing and put me over here!" "That's you. All over the place." Okay, now I'm seeing Ross Gellar as the Scarecrow and Chananndler Bong as the Tin Man. Which clearly makes Phoebe Glenda, Rachel is Dorothy (with a hairless cat instead of Toto) and Monica is the Wicked Witch of the East.

To Do List - Tuesday

  • sweep, mop
  • scrub shower/bathtub in master
  • clean toilets, eww
  • vacuum, then wash filters
  • ignore all of this and watch YouTube clips of Will Ferrell
  • or Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat
  • make plans with the BFF to see Stranger Than Fiction on Friday - EEEEEEEE!! We've waited for SIX MONTHS for this!
  • go buy SOCKMONKEY FLANNEL SHEETS for the boy
  • Sockmonkey!
  • email Houston MGs again to find out what this plant is (isn't that the most gorgeous garden ever?? Check out all 13 pics in that journal.)
  • make note to tell Julia that I think it's a VINE, not a tree or shrub, probably a trumpet vine of some sort
  • make carrot soup and homemade bread TODAY since you got too busy to do it yesterday
  • stop
  • smell roses
  • no seriously. While you're doing that, bring some inside, too.
  • buy new funky socks for #2 - stripey socks!
  • put cat food up high - BFF is bringing Ladybug the Red Healer. She'll think cat food is a doggie treat.
  • Make "cat safe" space in the house for Scrappy
  • laugh and do the old guy with a smoke that's resigned about his Crazy Ne'er DO Well Partner, "I'm getting too old for this shit."
  • Hold Scrappy up and make his paws do the smoke thing, and his head do a chagrined head shake
  • avoid his back claws
  • but iodine on the scratches you'll no doubt acquire from said puppet play
  • change bed sheets
  • wander around doing a half-assed job of cleaning while playing mah-jongg and snacking
  • No! Get it done. Also, tonight is Friday Night Lights. Clean up the you know where. [/wink]
  • call hotels in Colorado Springs for Thanksgiving ski-trip
  • email moosesal with dates, to see if she and Chris can meet up for dinner one time and meet fam
  • drop off plant and Thank You note to Jen
  • buy more onions and apples
  • but do not linger in the ice cream section
  • or the chocolate section
  • or the sushi bar
  • wait, sushi's okay
  • ooh, CINNAMON. you need more
  • get housewarming gift for BFF ready for her to transport home
  • clear out incat box
  • play loads of mahjongg
  • NO. Get shit done, Laura
  • like right now.

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