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A post in the key of spazzmatazz

Have been kah-rayzee busy lately, all last week and weekend of the awesome/fun variety, yesterday of the head butting until my brain meat shows. Why a five year old needs $30 gloves that AREN'T EVEN WATERPROOF is beyond me. So we didn't get them, because I am not sofa king wee Todd it. The local ski shop (ski trip coming up this weekend through next week) that is also a small chain was filled with idjits, and rude ones at that. Yes, it's a terrific idea to have salespeople who are antagonistic, surly, and don't know what products they even have on hand. So we left and went to the dreaded Wal-Mart. Which I loathe. I HATE WAL-MART and will usually NEVER shop there. Except for how I did yesterday. And of course they had everything, except for face masks, so woot! (little shoutout for remembering to get boot warmers! Hey, we're from Texas, people. Snow isn't our natural environment.)

I get to wait around the house today and tomorrow for deliverymen and repairmen, as we seemed to feel our house was lacking in a ginormous and ridiculous sized new TV. Which also translates to previous TV being in my bedroom, which makes me delighted. Sleeping to TV, ahhhhh. Granted, this means the DVD collection I have will look like crap on the new Monstrosity, but eventually we'll upgrade everything to HD or Blueray. This also means I get to watch FNL and college football on the Big Screen, which makes me happy. Side note: while at the home theater store, a song was playing in the stereo/speaker room and I started cracking up when I figured out what it was. It was the "Live to Win! Never die, Live To Win!!" song from the World of Warcraft episode of South Park. Ahahahahaha!!! Then, Mr. S and I asked the sales guy about burn-in on plasmas, which SOME HOW led to him telling us all about his need for the new Wii game console, so I imitated Cartman's, "Come on. Come eeehhhnnn!!" and then the salesguy went off on his love for Zelda. That was my husband's first real exposure to geeks in their natural habitat. Heeee!

Random things that make me laugh every. single. time: melodramatic "oh my god!"s like on the WoW episode, so they begin with an N sound. "nnnnOh my god." Like the person is holding back a sob? Ahahahaha! Oh Trey and Matt. Never change.

Isn't this the most exciting post you've ever read, ever?? *crickets* And so I move from the minutia that is my life to recs! I really REALLY shouldn't be reading fic - so much to do, zomg - but I did. (lynnenne? I'll get to your fic this week, it's something I'm looking forward to!!) They are fairly short, tight, concise and well composed.

As Dark Things Are Loved by redbrickrose a B/A fic for the IWRY ficathon (this is the only one I've had a chance to read, sorry.) It's WONDERFUL. The structure, the imagery... It'll bring the show crashing back.
Best Fiends Forever by beer_good_foamy a set of Drusilla drabbles that hit like a punch to the gut. It took me until the second one to get into a groove, and then I fell in. Excellent story telling in drabble form. (I owe that him meaningful feedback, too. Will get there eventually, promise!) And my friends here should know that I have a deep love for Drusilla and Miss Edith tales...

I haven't seen last night's Heroes yet, so hopefully that will be ready to go when I get back from my walk (my backless tennis shoes are doing the trick - still no skiing in my future, however) and then tonight is Veronica and Friday night Lights, which was picked up for a full season, whee! If you aren't watching that show, I just... Guys. It's a GREAT show. Ditto with 30 Rock. Did anyone see Alec Baldwin's hosting gig on SNL this weekend? Good god, I love that man. So smarmy and hilarious. He plays a pompous asshole better than anyone. They have a good cast of newbies on SNL - there's some great stuff, although I miss Rachel Dratch.

Oooh, last thing! (Jeeez, I'm random today.) I read a book yesterday during The Boy's ortho appointment that was apparently written to hit my kinks. Young girl (pubescent. I dun dew younger for the EWWW factor. Remember: Stoney haaaaaaates Lolita.) coming of age in a manner of speaking with the man she babysits for. *shudders* Good. God. Plus, the protagonist has a thing for Playboy. And her same aged boyfriend in school, who shaves her. *passes out* It's a "dark comedy" although I am not really laughing. It's just an interesting and quick read. Not deep, but not fluff, either. Towelhead, by Alicia Erian. Hits on racism, patriarchy, crappy moms, transforming from a girl to a sexual being. Yeah, that was tailor made for me, yep.

[ETA] Have finished book, and it can be ouchie. Am not turned on anymore. Feel guilty for having been turned on, hahaha. Oh, my head. I love how you mess with me. Still, interesting, worthwhile read.

And now I work out, joy! (and let's see if LJ blocks my Elliot from Scrubs icon again. HMMMMM. It says "Hi, I'm a whore!" and she's duct taped to a wall, in case you CAN'T.)
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