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HAPPY BIRTHDAY,TEEF! [/geepsee accent]

Why my older sister got the nickname

First off, I would give real money to find the picture of my older sister and I dressed up like gypsies for Halloween (a perennial favorite as it didn't require my mother to buy anything) with huge lips painted on, my mother's hoop earrings tied with ribbons around our ears. Or the one where we went in our "Pioneer Day" costumes (it's a Mormon thing) and she was the Indian, and I was a pilgrim. Good times. I do not believe we reenacted the Mountain Meadow Massacre. At least, not in an official capacity.

That's her holding our dog, Muffin. That is also what we lovingly referred to as the "San Juan" house. Because that was the street we grew up on, and we're all kinds of clever. This is the house where she taught me to read at the age of 3. This is also the house where she drew my name on the wall (I was a baby at the time) and said I did it. This is the house that Juan built where I have my first memory of waking up in my crib and seeing my sister asleep in her bed with the Holly Hobby sheets. We had a Holly Hobby playhouse, too, and red socks, and SOMEWHERE on this earth is a picture of the two of us standing in front of it with our socks halfway off our feet. (Tiff, did we have Little House on the Prairie lunch boxes? Or were they Holly Hobby? Um, HH was HUGE in the 70s, okay?)

She was my first playmate, she was the person who introduced me to all of the cool music (even though it pissed her off that I swiped her REM tapes - yes, children, TAPES) she was who broke in her clothes so that they MIRACULOUSLY fit me better than my own clothes, and would threaten me with death when she caught me in the halls at school in her black Esprit cropped-ankle pants. Or that blue floral shirt with the cream pattern? Or those KICK ASS light-blue GAP jeans I always snuck out of your room, remember those? Good times. Man, she used to pound the SHIT out of me back in the day. Hahaha.

She had hair so long as a little girl, she had to move it to sit down. (My mother was a big fan of Crystal Gayle. Heh.)

She also used to protect me, as I was a quiet, studious child, prone to picking up bullies like a hooker picks up politicians. Brett Boogscott (his real name, I swear!) lived three houses down and looooved torturing me on the way home from school. I'd walk three blocks out of the way to avoid him. Tiff put an end to that by threatening him with getting "racked." I was safe. She was one of the "it" girls in high school. A cheerleader, the school mascot a few years later, friends with the HOTTEST guys in school, cool friends... That was Tiff. We drifted apart in high school due to familial situations brought on by our parents' divorce - we moved in our own circles - but she was still someone I wanted to BE. Sure, together, cool. Hence the swiping of her clothing. (And seriously. Her bubble butt - she had one of those PERFECT behinds, the jerk - made her pants look SO GOOD on me. Damn. And still do!)

(there she is on the left, lil' sis Beth on the right)

For all of our differences, and at 22 months apart, we had LOADS of differences as sisters do, I will never NEVER forget that I called my sister in a frenzied panic one morning, and even though she was almost eight months pregnant with her first child, she and her husband loaded a trailer to their vehicle and drove seven hours to get me and my two babies and get us to safety. Never once did she say a word about her discomfort. Never once did she complain about the inconvenience. Not once did she say "I told you so" about my shit of a first husband. What she DID do is love my kids to start their healing, provided us with shelter for two days before we moved back home to my parents(-ish), and got me moving on to where I am now. That was the hardest thing I every did in my life (I have pride issues) and she made it seem like it was nothing, which I can't stress how important that was to me.

Tiff, because I'm lame, your present wont get there until Friday. BUT IT WILL GET THERE. Which just means your birthday can't end until all presents have arrived. :) Happy Birthday, Tiffy-shell.

AND NOW. TV TALK. Could be spoilerish under here, so be warned!


Okay, are you KIDDING ME? With the awesomeness that is this show, of course. Best friends? Check. Two sets on the show to watch? Check. One guy that seems to have it all, the other who struggles? Check, with both sets.

TIM/JASON: just... this is the very embodiment of masculinity maturing, right here. Tim wants to BE Jason. So much that he's in love with Jason's girl (man, has he fallen hard.) And him cleaning up to impress Lyla? Because he wants to BE Jason? Last week when he finally showed up to help Jason in rehab and held his head? Raise your hand if you were waiting for a thumb stroke on Jason's cheek? Tim choking up after KICKING ASS in the game (I was seriously cheering him on like it was a REAL GAME) and telling Jason that "I love you like a brother, man." Waaaaaaaah!

MATT/LANDRY: Landry continues to be awesome. Dorky, aware of his dorkiness, and not caring, because he likes himself. Man, that is a welcome change in the face of TV (hello, Willow?) That he's still friends with Matt after last week's fight is a testament to their friendship. How LANDRY is the strong one, even though Matt is getting everything. (Almost.) Oh, Julie. You want him now, and it's too cute by half. Matt's stutter is adorable and stressful and I love it. Landry giving Matt dating advice is hilarious. Tyra's older sis telling Landry to "come back in four years" at the beer party and Landry asking for that in writing, hahahahahaha!! I love that kid. (Also, quick shout out to the beer barn, woot! Do other states have party barns? Such a dumb idea, but such a GREAT idea.)

And Coach Taylor continues to become more sexy with every episode. His gravely sleep-deprived voice??? And his wife continues to be the best wife in television history, hands down. So real and calls her husband on his shit, but doesn't deny her love for him and I LOVE HER.

[ETA]: brandil says it better than me, and mentions all the stuff I didn't and SHOULD HAVE here.

HEROES aka: how much do I love Hiro? Thiiiiiiis much!

First, I re-watched an old Scrubs episode (the one where JD gets a journal with a unicorn on the cover, hahahahaha!) and Hiro is a radiologist on that ep. Second, Hiro and his best friend continue to be terrific. I loved that finally a dorky Asian man got some love interest on an American show. TAKE THAT, DIVERSITY POLICE. Which seems to be a force of one. One crazy person. Haha. Ahem. Second, I love that Heroes has a friggin' hot Indian guy that is a professor, has an Indian woman love interest (revealed on this ep). Again, see the "take that" line. Those are two groups whose men don't get the love they deserve on US TV. They can get all the love they want from me, rawr.

I was a little bugged by Hiro not getting that the waitress was "special" like him, however. BUT. We saw such a short period of time with them (and I loved the "Shining"-esque picture on the wall at the end!) that there will hopefully be a recognition of her power by Hiro. He's so invested in the "super powers" element, it almost seems OOC for him to not pick up on someone else with abilities. Just me? I like that there's a new "hero" with radiation powers. HOLY CRAP, that's dangerous! I hope they explain the science behind these powers one day. Or you know, sci-fi science. :D And I actually missed Nikki in this ep. I'm intrigued with her and with Forrest's character. (DL?) Last thing, am I the only one who is getting tired of the promo "save the cheerleader, save the world?" GOT IT. Now deliver. Also, short-haired-plot device isn't working for me. She hasn't since she showed up, honestly, so I hope they flesh that girl out a bit more. Figuratively and literally.

30 Rock

See, I don't hear about this on my flist, and it's making me sad. This show is what makes old school sitcoms great. Number one, it has a great cast. (Tina Fey needs to work on her delivery as a straight man a bit more - she's still looking like she's going to laugh at her own jokes, which doesn't work for a straight man.) Alec Baldwin is comic GOLD. He is so damn funny, I can barely contain my glee each week. Tracy Morgan plays the fool so well, and the PAGE! Oh, the studio page with his joy of television, of working, of being surrounded by people IN television... How Alec Baldwin says things like "In 5 years, we'll either be working for him.... or be dead by his hand." AHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, man. If anyone missed the ep with the poker game and Alec Baldwin doing a Hannibal Lector impression to fake out the Page (I can NOT think of his name, arrgh!), let me know and I'll upload it. And I could listen to that kid's Georgia lilt all day. Awwwwww!

The guy on the writing staff (Kevin?) with the slogan gimmie caps and the big glasses and sideburns? The gross one? But he's FUNNY. Anyone know what happened to Jane Krazowski? (sp?) WHATEVER, the show is great. I laugh every week, and that's enough for me. Old school sitcom that works, right there.

OH. AND STUDIO 60 COULD TAKE A PAGE OUT OF ITS BOOK re: sketch comedy. 30 Rock makes fun of sketches - makes them purposely bad, and that makes them FUNNY when they're happening in the background. But then again, I gave up on Studio 60 a few weeks back, and I don't miss it for a thing. Bah.

Whew. That was long. I have laundry to do and packing to commence, so INTERRUPT ME, PLEASE. I'm begging.
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