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I bow to your expertise.

It only looks like I'm beating my head on the ground, honest. HELP WITH TORRENTS/SEEDING, PLEASE.

#1: I'm using bit torrent, the latest release, 5.0.1. #2: I've hosted a torrent that has since been deleted from my computer due to inactivity. #3: I've since recreated the torrent using the same file, name, etc. and uploaded the torrent to two torrent hosting sites.

PROBLEM: No one can seem to leach the file, nor does anything show that I'm seeding. What the hell, LJ? Anyone have any clues? (Torrent made with MakeTorrent 2.0, if anyone knows of issues there.)

Oh, and because in the long long ago I used to manage a help desk: YES I've rebooted. YES I've restarted my torrent program. NO I'm not firewalled on this port. I'm drawing down another file, so the program is working in that respect.

I'M TRYING TO GIVE AND THE WORLD WON'T LET ME!! Any advice, tips, etc. using my current software (or you'll really have to convince me to switch to another program) would be GREATLY appreciated. It appears that Azureus did the trick! Stupid BT. not to be confused with Bt. Which I'm probably the only one that would confuse them. [/dork]

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