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When what 'fore my wondering eyes should appear?

But buckets of ice! And more snow coming, I fear! Except I don't fear the snow. SNOW! In TEXAS! And it's not the end of January, when we have our one day of snowfall! :D The girls were all bundled up in their ski clothes, so excited that they had "gear." The Boy, alas, is very sick this morning, so he's curled up on his sockmonkey flannel sheets (sockmonkey!!!) with DarthAnne, and that sounds like good medicine to me. Poor little man. He's NEVER sick.

I missed a VERY IMPORTANT BIRTHDAY yesterday, but I'm becoming flakier and flakier as the months go by: mskakaako !! Oh, honey, I hope things with your mom get better, or that you'll feel better once you and bebekeiko are at her side. *massive love*

Because I apparently can't sleep anymore (I blame being used to having Mr. S for 9 days straight.... Um, not "having" having, but- *blush* Heh.) MOVING ON. I watched a movie that was TAILOR MADE to hit almost all of my kink buttons. OH. MY. GOD. The Lover (L' Amant)

  • Do we have a beautiful young woman coming of age? Check.
  • Is she half French, half Chinese? Check.
  • Full pouty VK lips? Check.
  • Beautiful man in Gatsby-era costume? Check.
  • Does he have an ass that can make diamonds? GUH. CHECK.
  • Do we see him thrusting and grinding into said girl repeatedly? oooooooooooh CH-CH-CHECK.
  • How about some closeups of her in bliss? And chewing on those full VK lips? *wibble* CHECK.
  • How about an obsessive, older brother that is a bit "too" interested in his little sister's sexuality? dun judge me CHECK.
  • Let's go back to the boarding school (passes out). How about a sexually maturing and beautiful female friend with... overtones? Chickity check. (There could have been more development there. I'm just saying.)
  • Am I now more in love with Tony Leung than ever before? Good god, CHECK. (Not to be confused with Tony Leung. Heh. This is Tony Leung Ka Fai from Hero and Flying Daggers, not Tony Leung Chiu Wai from Happy Together and In The Mood For Love. Although he rings my bell, too.)

Man, is this movie French. Translation: not a happy one. Obsessive. Sexual. Emotionally distant until the end. Basically: AWESOME. There will be screencapping later, because I cannot stress enough the pretty. The first hour is all sex - and it's high grade porn with a purpose. [graphic, but not gratuitous] One little thing: their first encounter is in his car (he's wealthy, she's a poor student) and it takes what seems like 5 minutes for him to slide his hand over and touch her hand. Neither of them are paying attention to the fact that they're about to touch, and yet, both of them are so hyper aware of each other's body, the slide and touch are all consuming. THAT is how you make something innocent unbelievably sexy. You hear that, Age of Innocence? (I h.a.t.e.d. Age of Innocence, by the way. Geh. Needed a re-casting big time.) Oh, and then a quick cut to the girl's face in ecstasy and then BAM. But I won't spoil it because I moaned out loud. :D

I also cannot stress enough how PERFECT Tony Leung's body is. I wanted to wallpaper my eye lids with his body and/or face. The French girl is aggravating, but she's supposed to be. She's young, she's desperate, and she's hyper aware of her own desires. So. You know. Someone difficult for a man to understand. :) She's astoundingly beautiful, and a few moments of her personal anguish and reflection were very well shot. I'm pretty sure this won awards, or was at least nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film?

Think of this as a French version of a Merchant/Ivory production, but pornier. I KNOW! [/Monica Gellar]

Belated TV talk! (still playing catch-up)

Why is this show so good? And I know everyone loves Peter Petrelli. I can NOT get over his wonky lip, and it's bugging the shit out of me. Basically, every time he kisses the beautiful art collector, I worry for the actress. She has such a beautiful mouth, and the Peter actor is so chicken-lipped with that weird pinching thing. I have issues. Also, ENOUGH WITH THE FLOPPY HAIR. Every shot of him has his hand puling his lank bangs out of his eyes, and not in a hot Vincent Kartheiser as a rent boy who can't get a hair cut because his John likes him dirty. *goes off to a bad place* *by which I mean an AWESOME place*

Oh, right. Heroes. I think the show is setting up Peter to be the arch-nemesis to Sylar. That's pretty obvious, huh? I'm on the slow train there? Nothing unusual for me, then. :) Hiro continues to be the best part of the show - the actor is wonderful. Funny, goofy, and heart-breakingly poignant when he needs to be. Perfect. I like that they didn't cheat on his sweetheart's death, either. (And all heroes need to have a dark past of something to keep them on the side for good, right?)

Friday Night Lights
OKAY WHAT?? How can THIS show get better every time? <3 I can't stress enough that you need to be watching this show. It is NOT about football, people. Okay, it is, but as a metaphor. It's not like the show is a football game each episode, or anything. You show me ONE SHOW on network TV that deals with the handicapped straight on like this show does. "Just because we're crippled don't mean we deserve the crumbs." I love Jason's roommate. LOVE. HIM. I also love that Coach Taylor was hanging out in a wheelchair with Jason and was shocked by how fierce Jason is. How he kind of thought that wheelchair rugby wasn't a tough sport. The look (brief though it was) of shock was great, and hammers in the message that most people dismiss the handicapped, don't they?

(And how cool that anger made Jason's hands work? That fist that connected with Tim's eye? It's like the angry ghost in Ghost. Ahahaha. ha.heh.)

TYRA. TYRA and TIM boning again. JULIE!! I love her finally coming around to the cuteness that is Matt. How Matt dismisses Landry's advice because he always gets it wrong in the explanation. Hee hee! I'm not going to lie: I'm a bit worried about this Smash/steroids storyline. I'm worried it's going to veer off into After School Special territory, but I have faith!

In conclusion: this show is fantastic. Also, Coach and Mrs. Taylor continue to be my favorite TV couple ever, because they're still sexy and funny and playful and they fight and Coach Taylor looks like he's good in the sack and is a good kisser. (Is anyone noticing a trend here? Hahaha. GET HOME, MY HUSBAND.)

Veronica Mars
So it seems that half of my flist is pissed at this show. I'm not. I still love it. It's taking a more "pulp fiction" turn instead of being "film noir," but that's a turn of a few degrees. Also, I like that Veronica is dressing more like Veronica, although I'm getting sick of the hair changes. WE GET IT. I don't know many girls that change their long blonde hair that many times, do you? Just me being picky? Okay then.

Things I love: Logan smashing the deputy's car to get into jail so he could beat the shit out of his "friend." THERE'S MY BOY. Veronica being helpless. They do this every season to make her human, and I appreciate that. It's like Logan said: you're not invincible, Veronica. And... I'm starting to like the idea of Piz and Veronica. He's so happy and bubbly, but I'm not getting the Duncan/Veronica boring vibe at all, which is nice. Mac! Mac taking the drink, testing it, dumping it, and then ignoring the guy. Hahahaha, oh, Mac. I love you and they don't have you on screen enough. (Is it because of conflicting schedules with Big Love?) I want more of the Mo/Rapist "Master" shit. What's THAT all about??

And DAMN GHB must be easy to come by, because that shit was flowing like beer. Is it not expensive or something? Because I'm assuming that my flist is all in the know about the drug scene. Beth? Ahahahaha. I'm telling mom. I AM COLD. I need to dig out my wool socks. I also need to grab Hope ze keettee and curl up, because she's a hot box. Also, she's standing at my elbow on my desk rocking herself to sleep. hahahaha! Oh, cats. I love how weird you are. and look at this beauty that I'm going to visit today. Not adopt today, because I need to sleep on it. eh. meh. gehd. I love heeem!!
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