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Please Excuse My Dog Ate Sally

Allow me to introduce you to our new family member, Sally Von Shtupp.

She's a leetle shy - her sister was adopted before she was and had been in a bit of a depression for a few days.

So I went with the intention of picking up Brutus, as I linked at the bottom of my earlier post.  While I waited for someone to let me see the dogs, Sassy (as was her original name) was hanging out in one of the "meet and greet" rooms while her kennel was cleaned.  The saddest most pathetic face I'd seen.  Her tail thumped when she noticed me paying attention.

I got together with Brutus and nope.  Not a good fit, although he was GORGEOUS in person.  He'd do well with a guy that has two other dogs, most likely hunting dogs.  Brutus wasn't a family dog type. Not interested in me - strictly wanting other dogs attention.

So I asked if I could see Sassy.  They told me her story, she'd been there for two months (she's heartworm positive, but her treatment's been paid for for life.  Awww!  I love people who donate to good causes.  Don't think we won't pay it forward.  :) )  So she was just adorable, sweet, and very timid.  Once you got her to trust you, she's all tail thumps and chin rests.

She still a bit nervous around the kids - #2 has gotten some hand licks - and the cats scare her (aww!)  but Hope (our resident Animal Ambassador) keeps trying to make friends.

Sally (I'm just not down with "sassy") and I've been playing tag in the backyard.  She was itching for some play.  We've taken several short walks, and she's a DREAM on a leash.  She was an outdoor dog, so she's never been trained.  She was surrendered by her previous owner who didn't like the look of her.  >:|  Well, we sure do.  The pictures don't do her justice.  She's STUNNING.  Perfect form, and the perfect German Shepherd gate.

And since we can't have normal pet names, Sally (she lit up and SAT when I called her Sally!) Von Shtupp.  Oh, it's twoo!  It's twoo, it's twoo!  Ve haff a hund!

(better pictures when she's not so skittish....)

Happy MOST NIGHT OF COMEDY ON TV night, everyone!
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