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In which I make excuses

So busy. So much piling up around me. And for some weird reason, I'm all paranoid about LJ, and my lack of participation/reading/commenting. Which is ridonkulous. I mean, it's LJ. But I never said I was right in my head. So. I haven't read much. Haven't commented much. I'm keeping up with the basics. I'm probably not going to be around much this week, either. In good news: less spam on your flist, hurrah! (Also, sorry for not taking your call, Lynne! Weekends are hyper-family time as Mr. S is gearing up for an overseas 3 week trip + new doggie training. Sorry!)

In the interim, here are some fun links:

Quickly, congrats to cherusha on your new job in *sob* Shanghai! This just means I have someone to visit when I finally get to go, right? *grabby hands* And congrats to grammar_glamour on the new car! (I still want to call you Mantypants. Because... pants!)

Back to the grindstone, which consists of Dr. visits, vet trips, hopefully writing more (didn't write ONE. WORD. this weekend. Bah.), cleaning my house, maybe getting decorations up, learning a new language. I think I'll give myself a pass on that last one. (But Farsi! How cool would it be to know Farsi? Or Cantonese? Or Russian? Mr. S is fluent in Hungarian... maybe I could learn that? До следующего раза, друзья!)
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