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Easy like Sunday Morning - is he talking about a whore?

My garden party went off without a hitch yesterday.  Pleasant weather, my unusual plants decided to throw out extra blooms so there was much oohing and ahhing.  Good food, good group of people, wine, cheese, and a generally lovely day.  The bonus is my house got all cleaned up, Mr. Stoney leaves later tonight (he's the messy one) so I can enjoy order for a bit longer.

I loved all the responses I got to my puking up my life's tidbits and it got me to thinking: a far more interesting meme is all of the naughty bits. All of the things that make you squirm and scurry away when you turn on the light.  Jeez, the sex tales alone are downright funny, not to mention the first time I was exposed to drugs, the first time I experienced racism, the first time I went on an overnight hike with boys...  And if I have these stories, I know you all do.

Wanna play?  Sure you do.  If you do, I'll make a special meme filter so as to not bug others.  Drop me a line and we'll play a bit of the show me yours and I'll show you mine.  Still not sure?  I'll give you a teaser: it involves a stage, costumes, boobs on a glass window and ....  Come out and play.  Mr. Stoney is taking the kids fishing so I'll be allll alone.  (It's coming from INSIDE the house!!!)

Later I am off to see a movie all by my lonesome, which is how I prefer going to the movies.  It's nice to shut out everything around you and focus solely on the screen.  If it didn't hurt my bum, I'd go to a few movies a day.  I loves me some film.  I'll check back through the day to see who wants to bare it all, baby.  (it IS freeing, dodyskin !)


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