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PLEASE TO BE SEEING ICON. I hereby declare the coffee/chocolate fudge experiment a success!!

Note: this is based off the OLD Fantasy Fudge recipe on the back of Kraft's Jet-Puffed marshmallow creme. They changed the original recipe a few years back, and I have to say THUMBS DOWN. I've made this recipe for almost two decades (my mom made it when I was little, too) and I've never had it fail. Didn't matter if I was at a high altitude, a rainy/dry/hot/wet day, nothing. It always worked. *beams*  And the new modification seems to be FANTASTIC-O.  *licks spoon*

Coffee Chocolate Fudge with Nuts

2 sticks of butter (*see note)
3 C sugar
1 5oz. can of evaporated milk - roughly 2/3 cup if you have a large container  (I interchange fat free and regular with no problems)

Melt the above three ingredients in heavy-bottomed pan together, stirring often until it reaches a ROLLING BOIL.* (see note) Set timer for 5 minutes and continue to stir boiling mix until time is up, then move pan off heat source.

Mix in:

1 jar of marshmallow* creme
1 1/2 C good quality chocolate chips (I'm a fan of Ghiradelli, myself)
1/2 C Cappuccino Chips (mine came from Guittard)
1 tsp. vanilla
1 C pecans or hazelnuts or walnuts

When mixed, pour into 9x13 inch baking dish (not greased) and let set. After a minimum of an hour, cut into squares and store/devour.

* use the best quality butter you can find. Butter is the KEY to proper candy like this. DO NOT USE MARGARINE, zomg!
* a rolling boil means the WHOLE SURFACE is covered in large bubbles. Stirring keeps it from spilling over. If it's just bubbling at the edge, it's not reached the rolling boil stage, so don't set your timer yet. (It's all very scientific with chrystalization, etc. *adjusts glasses*)
* it's spelled MARSHMALLOW. With an a. Because it was originally made from MALLOW ROOT. Marsh mellow is a frog that's high and listening to Joni Mitchell.

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