August 16th, 2005

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First day of school. My house is quiet. I AM FREEEEEE!!! Okay, Emily is still home, but she's quiet and independent, so it feels like I'm free. In honor of my joy, I have uploaded a few happy songs for everyone. Tell me if they run out and I'll put them back up. Here, here, or here.

Song list:
1. Linus & Lucy, Vince Guiraldi Trio
2. Pitch the Baby, Cocteau Twins (hee hee!)
3. Let Go, Frou Frou
4. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Ren & Stimpy (you eeediot!)
5. Hey Ladies, Beastie Boys (fo all tha mommas in the hizzie)
6. Breathe, Pink Floyd (om)

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    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy - Ren & Stimpy